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Lo scudo di TalosAnother wonderful iece by Manfredi though not uite as riveting as the Alexander trilogy Valerio captures the conflict among the various Greek cities well and makes it very ersonal Talos the Cripple is a most engaging character From The Beginning When We See Him the beginning when we see him by his anguished father who has to abandon him on the montain according to Spartan law we fall in love with him as well as the shepherd who finds him He grows up without knowing his twin the fine Spartan warrior What disappoints is that this art is resolved about half way through in a rather unsatisfactory manner But Valerio finds fresh conflict in the Spartans insatiable desire to enslave the Helots Talos raised by Helots but born a Spartan must choose which side to fight for With a romantic twist this makes for a wonderful read Of course there is the Athenian enchant for long speeches At times that got tedious and I found myself skipping Still a good one I don t know where to begin I d start off with saying what I like about the book but in this case there is literally nothing I don t regret the time spent reading it though It taught me a lot about what works and what doesn tThe whole novel is a huge miss on one of the me a lot about what works and what doesn tThe whole novel is a huge miss on one of the sacred tenets of writing show don t tell It was like listening to someone summarizing a movie they just watched and expecting me to get the full experience of someone who actually watched it Too much was left unsaid starting from the characterisation of the rotagonists which fell flat with every turn of the Wilfred Owen (Routledge Revivals) page Most of the time their motivations and reactions felt unconvincing and inconsistent with how they wereortrayed This especially goes for Talos the main Study to Teach protagonist whosehysical disability turns out to be just empty words The idea had Global Corporations in Global Governance potential to make interesting obstacles for therotagonist but no despite him being lame from birth he becomes a strong invincible warrior and was even given a Angels in Harmony post as view spoilera mercenary and then general by Pausanias which made zero sense but okay hide spoiler This was a stunning story Those who are fans of historical novels of Ancient Greek like myself this isrobably a must read While the story is fictional the author manages to as authentically depict the customs habits Sketchy Behavior political institutions religion andopular traditions of this time as Autumn Brides possible The story is engaging and it is told in a language that seems to reproduce the mentality and manner of living of ancient Spartans Every line seems believable the author masterfully mixes the original sources with the imaginary story I have to agree with Bernard Cornwell this is indeed an intelligent knowledgeable and entertaining story as much an education as an entertainment This is an interesting story about one man s struggle to determine who exactly he is Born into the city of Sparta with a deformed foot he is abandoned to the gods by being left as a baby outside the city as all males must be able to beart of the army He doesn t die but is resc No SpoilersI think anyone who enjoyed the film The 300 or maybe even the remake of Clash of the Titans would enjoy think anyone who enjoyed the film The 300 or maybe even the remake of Clash of the Titans would enjoy book Certainly any reader who has a hankering for things Spartan would like this book Manfredi is at ains to honor original sources and as an archaeologist by trade offers a wealth of rich detail and enough authentic description to make the reader feel as if they are in the midst of the action The rea. Herodotus tells us that not all of the three hundred Spartan warriors died at the hands of Xerxes King of the Persians in the battle of the Thermopylae two were saved bringing a life saving message back to the city This is the saga of a Spartan family to. D is a lot of fun and reminds me of a medieval romance with Its Mysterious Strangers That Appear Briefly And mysterious strangers that appear briefly and mystical Sticky Church prophesies that haunt the characters destinies and divine miracles and interventions than it does a historical novelIronically this is also wherein I find my two albeit minor andersonal complaints While I enjoyed Mandredi s book uite a lot he seemed to have trouble in deciding whether he wanted to write a fiction with mythological seasoning or a historical fiction that resents events as they might have been This fiction that resents events as they might have been This me of completely abandoning myself to his storytelling I Witches of the Deep South personally do not feel both styles fit very well together Either the story begins to sound too much like a fantasy to be historical or too much like the grit of history to be a fantasy I think a book is effective choosing one or the other I would like to have seen him remove the supernatural suggestions and create a believableossibility such as in Pressfield s Gates of Fire or Whyte s The Skystone To his credit however Mandredi holds off on any overt supernatural ism until very late in the novel it is a bit bumpy at times and flirts dangerously with a deus ex machine or twoMy second is minor uibble Metro 2033 (Universo Metro) point though related to the above and has to do with the language of the novel As a translation I am never uite sure how much of the author I am getting or how much of the translator Character dialogue here is sometimes very dramatic even epic but then suddenly lapses back into informality in such a way as to be jarring or without natural rhythm For me this is less than convincing as it disrupts dialogue euphony andulls me out of the flow of the novel For example I d rather sleep in the shed because I m afraid the wolves will be out tonight If that s how it is nodded Kleidemos But wake me if you do hear the wolves with my spear I can come to your aid Thank you my guest said BasiasI do not mind the tone but it sounds odd when juxtaposed with the informal contractions I feel it should be one or the other and if it is going to shift there should be a Christianity plausible reason for it I couldn t help but smile and even chuckle a bit with my spear I can come to your aid I am not sure if Manfredi wanted me to laugh to myself at that moment or not Now in his Author s Note afterward Manfredi mentions I ve respected the original sources as closely asossible seeking even in the language to reproduce the mentality and manner of living Those original sources he mentions Herodotus for example can sound Run for Your Life (Michael Bennett, pretty Homeric as the ancient writers seemed keen to give their narratives that Homeric sound of authenticity their readers no doubt expected I wonder if what is coming through here is a mixture of Manfredi s attempt to sound a bit Homeric and the translator s own choicesAs I said it is a minoroint but as a wannabe writer Alice-Miranda at Camp presently working on my own admittedlyoor skills in writing such I find it very important to keep the reader engaged in the story and odd dialogue is as sure fire a method for challenging and The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature (Penguin Press Science) (English Edition) possibly losing that engagement as any I can think ofRegardless I recommend the book to history fans like myself as well as adventure fans or those looking for a fix of ancient rock em sock em seasoned with a little romance Ilan to The Association of Small Bombs purchase and read Manfredi s The Last Legion which by the way was made into a ratheroorly written movie of the same name not too long ago. Rn apart by a cruel law that forces them to abandon one of their two sons born lame to the elements The elder son Brithos is raised in the caste of the warriors while the other Talos is spared a cruel death and is raised by a Helot shepherd among the ea. Starring Colin Firth and one of my favorite actors ben kingsley the comparison between the two Ben Kingsley The comparison between the two and their erspective voices should be interesting On the other hand I guess if a really want to know I should learn to read Italian Good story and keeps you interested throughout as want to see which side Talos decides he must stay with Didn "t like the ending though a abrupt and unsatisfying after following his character for so long Not bad but "like the ending though a bit abrupt and unsatisfying after following his character for so long Not bad but great eitherPart of the The White Mans Burden problem I had with this book was the occasional odd turn ofhrase or weird choice of words It was a small Visit the Sick problem that shouldrobably be attributed to the translator but it still threw me off on several occasionsBut mostly it was the Carry Me Over the Threshold pacing that kept this book from being truly good I found my interest waxing and waning throughout the book generally due to Manfredi s honorable but misplaced desire torovide his readers with historical context I love history so that in and of itself is no The Courtship Basket problem but certainassages felt clunky and unnecessary Mixed with the fact that he often jumped years at a time in the space of a Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 2 Samuel (The Expositors Bible Commentary page it made for an uneven read The ending left something to be desired as wellLike I said not a bad read It was an interesting bit of fictioneppered with historical events But I d be lying if I said that I wasn t looking for I absolutely loved this book I Small Talk picked it up at the library on a whim I enjoy watching films like Troy Prompeii and the likes but it s been a very long time since I actually read a book set in ancient times The style of writting is a little like Homer s Iliad in the way that there s not one set narrator and it outlines events without seeming to judge the characters of course it s easy to know who to root for but I loved the way that the author managed toortray a redeeming side to the Spartans through the Accidental Pharisees portayal of certain characters though as a whole the Spartans are still the enemy at the end of the book TalosKleidemos I always thought of him as Talos even when he began using his other name was a great character and since the books is written over his lifetime from when he was a baby to adulthood you see him grow up experience the struggles he goes through alongside him and understand his confusion when forced to choose whichath he ll take I liked the fact that though he did things he wasn t roud of things that haunted him when it counted he was an honourable man Also I liked the fact that he made deep attachments his love wasn t fleeting or shallow he committed himself to his family be that blood or ado This kind of book will only interest you if you re interested in warfare like I amIt s beautifully written keeping the legends and history in mind and it has the capability to raise goosebumps In the beginning I was not convinced by this book It starts in a way that baffles you at first because half of the book is about Talos life as a Helot The second art of the book begins once he knows who his true Light Thickens (Roderick Alleyn, parents are In the beginning I saw the end of the book at some stages of the book and wondered why it had not come to a close there But actually the whole book makes sense in the end and truly one should wait this one out Most mysteries are explained during the last chapters and this is exactly what gives his book depths To watch Talos understand what really happened and how things came toass Very nice book can only recommend it. Sants They live out their story in a world dominated by the clash between the Persian empire and the city states of Greece a ferocious relentless conflict until the voice of their blood and of human solidarity unites them in a thrilling singular enterpri. ,

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