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Lieve it will also be on KU if you have thatContent kissing a couple make out scenes mention of child neglect and abuse mention of date ape drug and almost ape with no details I Received A Complimentary Copy Of This Book a complimentary copy of this book I have pre ordered my own copy The Friend Zone is a cute college omance between two unlikely but adorable people who become best friends out of necessity and who

fall irrevocably in 
irrevocably in despite their insecurities doubts and outside forces doing their best to keep them apartI wasn t surprised by some of the clich plot devices used I did mention it was a college omance ight but I still eally enjoyed eading this one It was sweet how Jess and Logan got to know each other learned to trust each other and eventually learned to trust themselves again too Both have had some hard knocks in life but I liked that they both weren t so jaded that they were still able to explore an innocent friendship without having to lash out or act cruel towards each other Their elationship progressed throughout the story and although it has a bit of angst and drama thrown in it wasn t over the top or exaggerated I loved Logan he is great book boyfriend material with his kindness compassion and genuine niceness There wasn t anything I didn t like about him he was great After losing his full ide at his last school Logan jumps at Coach Oakley s 2nd chance to edeem himself and show everyone he is serious about his future Whether that s on or off the field When he hears about his coach s unusual ules for his team Logan doesn t think there ll be a problem Until he meets Jess Coach Oakley s daughter Suddenly the no dating ule poses of a challenge than he d originally planned onJess lets her past color her judgement of Logan when they first meet His good looks easy charm and his easy flirtatiousness is so not her type At least that s what she tries to tell herself When she s enlisted to tutor Logan Jess begins to see Logan isn t at all the arrogant or obnoxious player she thought he was And suddenly all others pale in comparison But he s her father s player and breaking the no dating ule could cost Logan everything This story took some twist and turns I wasn t expecting and I loved that the author had characters that were honorable and had integrity It was efreshing to see and made me love the characters all the for it I loved the friends to lovers trope here and this slow burn ead simmered enticingly from beginning to end Would I ecommend I enjoyed it and would ecommend ARC provided for an honest eview I voluntarily ead and eviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own SAFETY INFO view spoilerAges Jess is 22 and Logan is close to or the sameCheating Technically No However they both have feelings deeper than just friendship when Jess pursues OM She does accept a date and even kisses the other guy but she ealizes there is nothing there and probably never was Normally this would be a huge no for me but honestly there was nothing between Jess and OM It was so obvious that I didn t even feel any angst over it I did wish she d admit to herself and Logan a lot sooner that there was never any eal attraction to OM but that s just meOMOW drama Logan helps Jess get the attention of her crush and he does create some minor dramaSeparation A short one of 1 2 weeksPushPull They both pull away because they know the conseuences of giving in to their feelings for each other Jess doesn t want to endanger Logan s future or disappoint her dad and Logan doesn t want to jeopardize his second chance Main Pursuer of elationship I want to say Logan but I think this was actually a mutual chase Both chased and teased the otherPossible Triggers Death of a parent off and on page both H and h attempted ape off page h sexual assault off page secondary character and drug use mentioned but not detailed off page secondary charactersHEAHFN Ends as a HFN but has an adorable epilogue with a HEA marriage proposal hide spoiler. Line But the closer Jess gets the eceptive she is to his warm heart and spirit not to mention his irresistible off field passes With defenses down they’re both heading into the danger zoneIt’s than thrilling It’s love It’s also a game changer that could sideline Logan’s NFL goals and important a future with Jess But dreams are worth fighting for ight.

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Than enoughThe main problem with this is that I don t buy the whole no dating ule setup by this coach Negative motivations imposed from outside can make for great conflict so I was kind of looking forward to seeing them work through that But what I discovered is that if the external negative motivation no aligns strongly enough an intrinsic motivation in this case Logan s determination to get a degree and make something of with an intrinsic motivation in this case Logan s determination to get a degree and make something of then it doesn t eally matter if it s external because it still kills plot dead Negative Motivations I kind of hate that the term negative motivation isn t widespread yet Since it isn t I m going to save off this little jag to append to my eviews that feature the term Jennifer Crusie blogged about it a bit back and it changed how I understand story The problem with the term is that if you ve never heard it before you d assume it meant motivations that are harmful or immoral Not so What it efers to is motivations not to do something The thing is that many of us are motivated to not do things for a lot of different perfectly valid and easonable easons The problem is that in a story motivations to not do things are a huge drag on the plot particularly considering the fact that most negative motivations are overcome by the character simply deciding they don t care any or ather that they do care and are now motivated to do the thing So not only do you have a counter to action but you also have a situation where to overcome it all a character has to do is change their mind Which means eventually the eader is ooting for the character to get over himherself already and do the thing we want them to do Conflict drives story Conflict between a eader and a main character drives eaders away from story Soooooooooo Who s constantly on the hunt for jocktutor college omancesI ve never ead this author before and I eally enjoyed the writing I didn t even care that there s 0 sexy times in it I loved the character interactions and the slow burn And god damn this trope gets me every time Read it if you like college omance hot football players jocktutor forbidden elationship tropes Maybe it s just me but I was expecting something else The story is okay but it s so boring that I skipped a lot at the end I don t know maybe I m too picky This book was amazingly hilarious and clean I loved the love story and omance of it without being dirty It s a book you can ecommend to anyone and feel good about it There were so many funny scenes where I busted out laughing I seriously enjoyed this one from start to finish It was an extremely enjoyable feel good book there wasn t sex and yet i wasn t mad I loved every minute of this book From Logan and Jess s first meeting to the very last sentence I was engrossed in their story I loved Oooooh friends this book was so yummy I know that when I love a book it comes out mostly in the adjective yummy but I just cannot help myself That s because this book is so good I figuratively ate it up And I would literally eat it up if it were actually food Which it isn t But it did have pizza and gelato in it This book was so much fun to ead The dialogue was witty and flirty the attraction and chemistry had an amazing build that became combustible Oh man did it ever The explosions were worth waiting for There was depth and struggle for the characters and I love how they took the place in life they were in very seriously They trying to make good choices and live up to their potential Logan and Jess were easy to like and easy to oot for I am eally hoping that this is the start of a series that will include Bash He needs his own story I need of himSo yeah my yummy siren is singing out loud and constantly with this book I would love to sit down and ead it again ight now because it made it me happy Sariah Wilson is so good at writing books that I love This one might be my favorite do I say that every time This book will be eleased on June 11th so pre order it now I do be. Ow misfit ecruits It’s Logan’s last chance If he can follow the ules No parties no fighting no swearing and oh no dating the coach’s daughter Jess Simple Yeah ight For Logan there has never been a ule he’s tempted to breakThe deal is “just friends” The pretty confident and fiercely smart math whiz is fine with pizza tutoring and keeping Logan in. ,

The Friend Zone End of the Line #1Sometimes we don t get to have the conversations we want to have life isn t we want to have Life isn t wrapped up in a neat little bow at the end We just gotta keep moving forward even If We Don T Get The Answers we don t get the answers wanted Story When Logan gets kicked of his team he feels like his life is over No football No future at the NFL But then EOL and their football coach take Logan in their team But there is a catch You need to follow some ules one of them is the no dating ule Because football is his life that would never be a problem for Logan Until he meets Jess the Couchs daughter who happens to be Logan s actual dreamgirlJess is helping Logan with math and Logan starts to help Jess by giving her some advice on getting the attention of her crush Ben But after some time they ealize that the thing between them is not only a friendship it s something Character Even though I liked the characters in this story I thought there were a bit pale Of course Jess and Logan both have a tragic background story but by eally eally looking at them you ealize that they seem too perfect to be eal Sure Logan has anger issues but only the first 100 pages after that he gets to be this perfect gentleman Jess is this slightly sarcastic and Disinterested Girl that happens to be the daughter of the football coach But then after she starts tutoring Logan she begins to be this giggly girl I know I know that s what love does to us ight But that is not exactly true If you have anger issues you ll have them even if you e in love If you have trust issues and hate football players because of a thing they nearly did to you you e not stopping to mistrust men just because one is nice to you But all in all there were funny kind characters that I liked a little bit My favorite character was Bash Because he was honest he loved football and he loves food Perfect best friend I know Relationships Ah a friendship to love trope And a forbidden one too I loved that even though they were crazy for each other they tried to follow the ules But then in the end Logan started to have a crazy problem with lying to the coach even though he lied to him a pretty long time Even though sometimes it was much of a cliche I liked the original story of it Writing style The story was good The writing was good Everything was good But not phenomenal fantastic beautiful Just good I liked that there were some text messages involved in the book I liked that there were 2 POVs and that we saw what both of the characters were feeling But I think there is a lot of space to improve I eceived a copy of this from Montlake Romance and Netgalley in exchange for my honest eviewThis is my first ead by Sariah Wilson and I m pleasantly surprised THE FRIEND ZONE is not your typical New Adult sports omance I guess we get here some serious issues in plot line told in such elatable and likable way that you can t do nothing but love This is a love story between Logan a football player who gets second chance finishing his degree and also play ball in collage and Jess coach daughter who has been trough some stuff at her former collage and stays away from athletes To keep things friend zoned is a set of ules that Jess s father installed So there is no drugs no drinking studying no swearing and yeah no dating So even as the initial attraction is there Logan must follow the ules What follows is bunch of no dates where our hero and heroine get to know each other To show each other that they are then what meets the eye This is very cute and sweet ead Now I m curious about other side characters and their story they definitely caught my eye Would ecommend to all New Adult sport fans I eally liked this couple Amazing banter and a situation that forced them to become friends before anything else was even possible But I m abandoning it at half way because I m so tense at the even possible But I m abandoning it at half way because I m so tense at the that I just can t any Which is fine by me because they e obviously in love they ll make an amazing couple and the picture in my head ight now is. From the bestselling author of the #Lovestruck novels comes a ousing omance about following your dreams second chances and playing the game of loveDisgraced college uarterback Logan Hunt was on his way to NFL stardom when he messed up big time Now the Texas star player with a bad temper has a new option Seattle’s EOL College as in End of the Line to his fell. .