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FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck eHe s under orders to keep her under control And control is what it s all about in the bedroom and out One night becomes and hearts are all too soonngaged Stone s novel is lush rich filled with an incredibly rendered sensuality that makes the pages sizzle ven as you sigh with the romance The dark sides of the characters are xplored and xplained The setting is immediate and homey familiar I could not stop reading this characters are xplored and Creating Lasting Value explained The setting is immediate and homey familiar I could not stop reading this and was sorry to see itnd But It Was A Roller Coaster Ride it was a roller coaster ride perfectly rendered Understanding Markets and Strategy emotion passion drama and humor that had me breathless at thend And amid the perfect moments was one absolutely shining star you ll know it when you read it And when you do I dare you not to fall madly in love with Hunter Cross And be of so jealous of Miss Maggie Don t miss this book and don t forget the author s name because you will want Montana Dreams everything she writes on your keeper shelf I was lucky to get a review copy of this sexy fun title inxchange for an honest review This is definitely an author to watch Readers will marvel that this is a debut author while Immerwelt - Der Pakt enjoying dimensional appealing characters Hunter and Maggie as they fall forach otherMaggie goes to the car show to find a one night stand to get the memory of her x fiance with another woman out of her head She s never done memory of her x fiance with another woman out of her head She s never done before but she is instantly attracted to Hunter He is draw to her as well and they Picture Theory enjoy a sizzling sensuous night Maggie runs the next morning confused by her strongmotions for the man only to discover that he is an officer of the Ranger group she has to interview for her book That book means tenure and professional success for her and she tries not to let her growing feelings interfereHunter finds that the woman he can t stop thinking about is his new mission He has to keep her from finding out details about the last operation to put in her book He stays in her guest room but works on her heart Short and sweet but sexy the only disadvantage to this story is that it is not longer so readers can see of how the romance plays out Readers can only hope that this author will write many stories like this Command Performance was both seductive and intelligent I ve read many romance novels that I couldn t connect with the characters were too sterile or the. K That wasn't in the  plan Especially when she learns that Hunter has orders to control her Little does the army know that when it comes  to their deliciously naughty nighttime activities Hunter is at Maggie's complete command Uniformly Hot  The Few The Proud The Sexy as Hell. ,

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Sexy Sweet and SmartI was lucky And Bid Him Sing enough to get an advanced copy of Command Performance before it hits the shelves in a few weeks and I have one piece of advice Order your copy right nowI ve read a lot of romance novels and Command Performance is by far one of my favorites I liked Maggie from the moment I met her She is smart sexy and tough but with anndearing vulnerability that will have you rooting for her from page 1 Maggie had a tumultuous childhood with a distant alcoholic father She learned how to take care of herself and she rarely if Aristotle Detective (Aristotle ever relinuishes control After she catches her fianc cheating on her she decides to throw caution to the wind for one night Enter Hunter a hot injured soldier withmotional baggage of his own The two share an amazingly hot night together and part ways only to discover a few days later Hunter is to be Maggie s army liaison for the book assigned to be Maggie s army liaison for the book is writing While Maggie wants learn Bones, Clones, and Biomes everything she can about Hunter his teammates and their latest mission Hunter has a vested interest and an official order to lead Maggie away from the truth The story has all of thelements of a good romance novel steamy sex scenes conflict love and a happy nding but it is still fresh original and unlike Any Other Romance Novel other romance novel ve read recently While the love story and the hot sex scenes feature prominently the story also focuses on Maggie and Hunter s motional journeys as they attempt to overcome their respective motional baggage I often find characters in romance novels to be difficult to relate to but the characters in Command Performance are asy to relate to understand and love Sara Jane Stone is definitely going on my must read authors list 2 25 stars This was just okay for me The beginning was good and I was really Building the Cold War enjoying but then the characters stared not acting like they had been first portrayed Maggie started as a strong woman in spite of her insecurities and issues and then just fell into the same old clicheThe rest of the book I really didn t connect withither character or the circumstances like there was a checklist of things for them to go through briefly with no depth the Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) end Also didn t make me believe in the whole Ranger aspect Hunter s reactions didn t seem to be true to military or anlite. Subject Chief Warrant Officer  Hunter Cross Mission Keep Margaret Barlow distractedusing any means necessary Ranger Hunter Cross is the army poster child Counter-Amores excitement danger and no strings in sight And he's been in townxactly three hours before a curvy blonde named Maggie flas. Division like an active if on medical leave Ranger wouldn t notice a second car in the driveway ven if he was thinking of sex or the dwelling on his teammate s mistake that got him shot not to mention the guy being on the mission in the first place Might be true to life but just didn t strike me that way and took me out of the story And I never got the reason or felt his sudden attitude change about relationshipsAnd Maggie kind of cardboard and going through romance novel motions like Hunter or felt his sudden attitude change about relationshipsAnd Maggie kind of cardboard and going through romance novel motions like Hunter sister showing up at her house how the heck did she know he was staying there or how to find it and right after meeting her after a thankfully brief and internal misunderstanding that she was an old or current girlfriend Maggie just pops out of curiosity we re told that and says So you re in rehab Who does that A character needing to get it out to address a point in the plot but it really could have been handled better like maybe the sister bringing it up first I dunnoAnd how the sexual double standards were handled and dealt with A woman picking up a guy for a night of hot sex would reflect badly on her but okay for the guy The man groping her her boss basically at the pool party how she dressed like an intelligent strong capable woman has to dress dowdy to be taken seriously I mean the double standards are true but I had hoped she would have been portrayed as handling them like the strong intelligent woman the story wanted us to believe her to
"be lots of "
Lots of things like this and the story and characters weren t strong nough to make me overlook and keep from being small annoyances throughout For those readers not familiar with the Harleuin Blaze line suffice it to say that the author must pack a lot of punch in a short book And author Sara Jane Stone wins this one with a knock out story of two lovers who agree to one single orgasm filled night of passion But fate intervenes and changes Double Jeopardy everything Hunter Cross is a Ranger with wounds physical andmotional Professor Maggie Barlow keeps a tight rein on her heart because she s finally ready to live after a life spent caring for others She s looking for tenure and a successful publishing career writing about a daring Ranger rescue of aid workers What she gets is her official liasion Hunter Cross and. Hes him a look that says You belong in my bed It's a night of wicked satisfaction And it's a night they can never repeat All Professor Maggie Barlow wanted was an orgasm or three  from the dead sexy Ranger Having him as her official army  liaison while she works on her new boo. Command Performance

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