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Secrets At Maple Syrup Farm

Rebecca Raisin ´ 6 Download

Rah at the bookshop CeeCee and Lil in the Cafe and just seeing how they have been progressing with their lives The book title mentions secrets and there were plenty of secrets to be revealed in this story The majority of them I didn t guess at or at least not until the last minute and I think it was partly these secrets that added to the unputdownable nature of this book I knew rom the irst chapter that I would be reading this in one sitting as just didn t want to stop or any reason Please do clear some time when you read this so you can relax into the story and enjoy it Holiday Confessions fully Lucy is a lovely character she is desperate to try and do the right thing by everyone and its clear how much she loves her mum Clay took a lot of getting used to and Iound I was warming to him at about the same pace that Lucy was He is a moody reclusive man and didn t like admiring he needed help Secrets at Maple Syrup Farm introduced me to a world of how to make maple syrup as well as all the Slave to Love foods that you can put maple syrup into Purely because the ladies of the Gingerbread Cafe theood and baking descriptions will make you hungry as your read this so make sure you have your snacks readyAs I suspect you may be able to tell I adored this book It is a Fortunes Perfect Match fantastic story by an exceptionally talented lady and I am counting down the days until the next new Rebecca Raisin book is out Thank you so much to Carina and Netgalleyor this review copy This was my honest review Magical breathtaking details and secrets around each cornerI couldn t be in love with Rebecca s new story Clay is this heart throb who just wants to be left aloneLucy is taking a year to The Daddy Search find herself a reuest made by her mother who she has been taking care ofThey need each other than they know at the time and magic is in the airor these twoLucy Im Jackson Day and Im Here to Stay finds Ashford randomly during her travels and chooses to make it her home during this period in her lifeShe meets some of myavorite characters Sugar Rush (Sugar Bowl, for the Gingerbread series Ceecee Lil Sarah and a handful of others Such a magical town to live in and Lucy is really starting to get attached and doesn t know what she will do at the end of her year will she leave StayLucy and Clayirst meet when she goes to the arm in search of a job Farm assistant why not She is worked to the bone day in and day out and becomes closer to Clay then she ever dreamedAs time goes on she decides to take a trip to Paris will this be the trip of a lifetime or the budding artist Or will she give it up to stay in Ashford Only time will tell and you need to read this amazing tale to learn and Affairs of Honor fall in love with Maple Syrup Farm Secrets at Maple Sugar Farm by Rebecca Raisin pub date 7 17 15Great Contemporary RomanceLucy 28 and her mother live in Detroit and have always been travelers on to the next adventure until her mother became ill As her mother lays in a hospital bed she has a reuest she makes of Lucy a promise Lucy does not want to make but mustor hers mothers peace of mind The Reuest Is For Lucy reuest is Mega Collection for Lucy uit her job get on theirst bus out town without looking at the destination and spend a year working and saving money she then wants Lucy to apply to the Van Gogh Institute of Paris or an art scholarship Lucy is a #bundle of nerves How Can She Do This Leave Her Mother Never No can she do this leave her mother never no no way to pay her critically ill #of nerves how can she do this leave her mother never no money no way to pay her critically ill and her bills and she doesn t considerate herself talented enough or the art institute The promise she makes her mother is breaking her in pieces but deep inside she The Indian Clerk felt a spark So begins Lucy s adventureLucy s journey ends in Ashford Connecticut home of the Maple Sugar Farm and the town hard to leave according to CeCe a passenger on the bus Small town USA is a wonderful place She directed to the caf the B and B and a job with Clay at the syruparm Everyone is kind warm helpful except Clay the Hunk with a capital H No one knows why Clay avoids everyone in town and stays at the run down Faith Fairies farm inheritedrom his Uncle Jessup The town s people say the ghost of the Greetings from Witness Protection! former owner Jessup haunts thearm and walks through the orchard of maple tree he loved so much Clay and Lucy snark and bite at one another constantly but Lucy will not give up she must have the money Spot from this job Attraction is burning brightly Ms Raisin created a wonderful storyull of mysteries on the The Hotel New Hampshire farmrom ghost Lucy s mother what is she hiding A Dangerous Man (Women and Men, from Lucyrom hidden journals to paintings small town values small town gossip small town caring strong characters an old love story that consumed one person the mystery of what happened to Clay to close himself off two main characters Sizzling Seduction fighting love and a plot that was interestingrom start to Her Secret Husband (Secrets of Eden, finish with twist and turns The pacing was good and moved at just the right pace I loved watching Lucy and Clay grow in character love and solve the mysteries of thearm and JessupThis is a story of separation healing growth letting go and living life realizing dreams acceptance commitment and love There is so much emotion in this book Takedown from the heights of happiness to the depths of despair and sadness I cried at one point in the story and laughed in othersI recommend this book and give it 5 stars it is a wonderful story well written There is a very small amount of sex nothing explicit nothing descriptive and handled wonderfully by Ms Raisin I lookorward to Ms Raisin s next bookI received this book Baby, Im Yours (Guys And Daughters, from the publisher and Netgalley in returnor an honest opinio. ??s stories are just like a huge warm hug gently enticing you into the heart of Ashford life and making you Her Counterfeit Husband feel like you belong there This book is an absolute joyrom start to Heart of the Night (Secret Agent finish and I really must implore you to read it’ – Paris Baker’s Book Nook‘I smiled laughed and cried throughout Secrets at Maple Syrup Farm If you like me are lookingor a read that will pull at your heart strings make you smile and awww then this is a book The Greek Bosss Demand for you’ – Crooks on Books‘another wonderful story set in Ashford and her beautiful writing always adds this uniue atmosphere’ – Sky’s Book Corn. Agical atmosphere we have come to love surrounding Ashford Connecticut The writing is crisp and sharp the characters well defined and the story is warm and inspiring I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to romance lovers of all kinds 45 stars Title Secrets at Maple Syrup FarmAuthor Rebecca RaisinPublisher Carina UKReviewed By Arlena DeanRating FiveReviewSecrets at Maple Syrup Farm by Rebecca RaisinWhat I liked about this novelThis was another one of this author s great novels that I did enjoy reading It was so interesting to know that Lucy s mum who was sufferingrom a long term illness wanted her daughter something special February or Forever (Tarrins Bay for her daughter So weind Lucy on an adventure or a yearending up in Ashford Connecticut where her life would be changed orever Why was that Lucky was there to live her life to the A Virgin For The Taking (Clemenger Sisters fullestor one year not worrying of her sick mum It was there in Ashford that she meets some wonderful peopleeven that moody Clay who she persuaded to give her a job as a What She Saw / Operation Reunion farmers assistant on the Maple syruparm in which he had inherited I loved how this author was able to bring the readers back to Ashford Connecticut which was the home of the The Moretti Marriage famous Gingerbread Cafe that if you are a reader of this author novels you will know all about that cafe meeting up with many oldriendslike CeeCee and Lil to name a ew Yes Secrets at Maple Syrup Farm is of many secrets that will be dealt with in this read however I was happy to say I was able to guess a ew of them early in this well written read The storyline will keep you turning the pages till the end because you will not want to miss anything The heroine in the read really loves her mum and wanted to obey her but A Measure Of Love (Kincaid Trilogy for me Iound it so hard to do what Lucy had doneand that was obeying her mum wishes The hero Claywell I was able to catch what may have been his secret Starting Over on Blackberry Lane (Life in Icicle Falls from what this author presented this story still it was a good read in how this author presented it all to the reader I don t want to give too much away other than to say pick up Secrets of Maple Syrup Farm and see how well this story is brought out uestions will be answeredWill Lucy decide on the trip to Parisfor a career as an artist or stay in Ashford Will their be somethingor Lucky in Ashford besides wanting to be that artist What else I liked about this novelThere was definitely a learning process of how maple syrup is made that this author covers so well in the read and I don t want to leave out all of those good baking descriptions that the ladies of the Gingerbread Cafe turned out as well in the The Soul Of A Thief foods you can use with maple syrup I will say there were aew recipes that were new to me to what you could use maple syrup in I will say that it will be interesting to see what may come of Lucy Clay and her mum that only this author can do so very well especially in the small town of Ashfordwhat a great place to live I read this Claiming His Desert Princess (Hot Arabian Nights for theirst time in 2015 but somehow Secret Baby, Surprise Parents forgot to post my review anywhere so I m endeavouring to rectify that now This is a lovely story of Lucyollowing her Mum s instructions and going on an adventure Mystify (Mystyx, for a year She jumps on a bus and ends up in Ashford Conneticut where she persuades Clay to let her be an assistant on the Maple Syrup Farm that he has inherited Whilst this works as a standalone Ashford is the settingor other books by this author and it was great to reconnect with some of the characters rom that story in this oneAs the title implies there are so many secrets to be revealed and the great characters and the relationship development seemed to happen At An Appropriate Pace I an appropriate pace I you not to read this whilst you re hungry the sum Cute read taking us back to Ashford with a new cast of characters but also revisiting the old riends Wild Streak from the Gingerbread Cafe Sweet but not too sugary Secrets at Maple Syrup Farm is another charming bookrom Rebecca Raisin Having waited P.I. Daddys Personal Mission (The Coltons of Montana, for 6 monthsor this book to be released the second I saw it available on Netgalley I jumped on reuesting it and started reading it the same evening I had been a bit worried that it may not live up to my expectations but my Say Youll Stay And Marry Me fears were eradicated within theirst ew pages I was hooked on Secrets at Maple Farm almost instantly The book starts on a serious note and had A Real Depth And real depth and to it that I haven t seen in Rebecca s writing before Lucy has a sick mum with a long term illness who Lucy works incredibly hard in order to take care of However after a ew years of their lives being like this Lucy s mum gets Lucy to make a promise to go on an adventure The Boleyn King (The Boleyn Trilogy, for 1 year to jump on theirst bus out of Detroit and start the adventure wherever it goes and to stay away Rascal for aull year Just one year Another Day of Life for Lucy to live life to itsull without worrying about her mum This journey takes her into Ashford Conneticut where the residents take her to their hearts immediately and she some how manages to persuade moody Clay to let her be a What Would You Like? farmers assistant on the Maple Syruparm that he inherited I was delighted to be back in Ashford home of the Gingerbread Cafe If I am coming across as a bit of a Rebecca Raisin angirl then I am sorry but once you read some of her books I m Sure You Will See Why This Can you will see why This can read as a stand alone and you don t need to have met all the recurring characters before as the relevant back story is provided However I will say it was wonderful to meet up with old riends including Sa. Her next big adventure just around the corner Especially when on her Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, first day in town she bumps into grumpy but oh so delicious Clay amidst the maple trees Surrounded by the magic of Ashford Lucy has the chance to change her lifeorever and Friend Foe finally discover a life she wants to live Fall in love with Ashford Connecticut in this dazzling and beautiful romancerom bestselling author Rebecca Raisin What readers are saying about Secrets at Maple Syrup Farm ‘A touching story mixed with laughter and secrets a reminder of how important it is to live your own life’ – Reviewed the Book‘Rebecca?. Like the previous book of Rebecca s The Little Perfume Shop off the Champs lys es that I had the pleasure of reading This book was not just a story of budding romance but a book that captures the Having loved the previous books the author has written I couldn t wait to get stuck into this one I downloaded it as soon as I could and read it in two days staying up late to inish it the second day even though I am currently on holiday This author is a must read Grassroots Innovation for meLucy is a brilliant character She has guts strength and she is ballsy She doesn t take nonsenserom anyone knows her own mind but deep down is very much a mummy s girl who would do anything or her mum In act it is a promise she makes to her mum which brings her t The Secrets at Maple Syrup Farm is the Architecture and Utopia first book by Rebecca Raisin I have had the pleasure of reading I could not wait to send my little bookworms to play with their lovely daddy while I snuggled down on my comfy sofa and happily dived into the world of the magical maple trees the picturesue town of Ashford and it s welcoming residents I heard so much aboutI uickly discovered that the story line of The Secrets at Maple Syrup Farm is highly addictive and utterly captivatingLucy is such a beautiful a caring and a hardworking person she loves her poorly mother and would do absolutely anythingor her but Crystal Lucy s mother wants Perfect Cities for her precious daughter Lucy loves to paint Painting is her passion and a way of expressing hereelings and moods Cry Secrets of Maple Syrup Farm by Rebecca Raisin is a 2015 Carina UK publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and author via Netgalley in exchange Prometheus Wired for an honest review As sad as I was to say goodbye to the wonderfulolks at the Gingerbread Cafe I couldn t wait to see what new adventures Rebecca Raisin had in story or us This new book is centered around Lucy a young woman who has put her dreams on hold in order to care or her chronically ill mother But when her mother begs her to take a year off and travel and apply to a prestigious art school in order to start lining out her Special Topics in Calamity Physics future Lucy is torn but she can t say no to what could be her mother s dying wish So arrangements are made with Lucy s aunt a woman who is estrangedrom Lucy s mother but who promises to step up and take care of her while Lucy is away The deal was Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks for Lucy to hop on theirst bus she comes to and let the adventure work it s way out according to the way Scenes from a Revolution fate would have it and wouldn t you know Lucy meets a woman on the bus named Cee Cee who tells her all about a Maplearm in Ashford Connecticut and a young man named Clay who recently inherited the arm and is in dire need of helpWhile I loved the light and cozy stories of the Gingerbread Cafe I would have to say this author really outdid herself with this one Only a ew minor complaints mainly that a Microsoft Visual C few areas of the story were not explained inull or glossed over and not Soulprint fleshed out enough such as the malady Lucy s mom sufferedrom Other than that the characters literally come to life and the story is so touching and sweet I Blah Blah Black Sheep found myself checking my supply of tissues Clay is closed off stubborn than a mule cynical and obviously hurt and bitter At times he had me sorustrated I elt like Lucy did and wanted to hit him over the head with a baseball bat But of course we know he must have been raked over the coals in the past to have become so disillusioned about love and to have lost all his aith in humanity Lucy is a delightful character ull of courage and hope but also has her secrets and insecurities I loved watching her chisel away at Clay s stone like exterior a little at a time Her enthusiasm and optimism is in stark contrast to Clay s personality but it seems it might be catching as Clay seems incapable of holding on to his stoicism when she is in his presence although he certainly ights her every step of the way The side story of a set of journals Lucy unearths apparently written by Clay s uncle the man he inherited the The Highlanders Touch (Highlander, farmrom tells
Of A Tragic Love Story 
a tragic love story in the tradition of Romeo and Juliet as it ended without a traditional happy ever after but the man s deep love O Regresso da Atlântida - Os guerreiros de Posídon for his lost lover was such an inspirationor Lucy as she saw in him a kindred spirit I closed the journal running a hand along it s cover Most people would die to Gdy mrok zapada (William Wisting, find a love like he describes Was it worth it though He spent the rest of his life missing her How could he not get it Clay obviously didn teel love as deeply Of course it was Because he loved her with everything his soul his heart his body She was his world so the real world The Scarlet Ruse (Travis McGee faded to black Don t you see Heound another kind of beauty here And he could see her here He wasn t hiding he was seeking salvation the only way he knew how He loved her The White Road fiercely he couldn tunction without her He s a hero really A proper real life hero who worshiped a woman above all else The mystery her He s a hero really A proper real life hero who worshiped a woman above all else The mystery Clay s uncle and his sketches added a surprising twist to the story and touched Clay and Lucy personally The procedure of making maple syrup was Bridges of Madison County fascinating and I enjoyed learning about this process It was also a delight to touch base with Cee Cee and Lil and I enjoyed the occasionalorays into the Gingerbread cafe This story is a tiny bit edgier than previous books by this author as she adds in some real conflict and evokes a stronger emotional response in the reader but still holds true to the ‘Rebecca Raisin is a modern Maeve Binchy’ Books Mind Wide Open for Bunny A truly decadent and delicious romance perfector long summer days and nights Maple sugar kisses Lucy would do anything Dominant FUTA Collection for her mombut she never expected to end up promising to leave her After her mom got sick Lucy dropped everything to take care of her working all hours in a greasy diner just to make ends meet and spending every spare moments she had by her mom’s hospital bedsideNow Lucy isaced with a whole year of living by her own rules starting by taking the The Grand Sophy first bus out of town to anywhereExcept she didn’t expect toind.