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Which is what the Love Inspired selections of books is all about This series is a great combination of the love story aspect along with mysterysuspense I honestly did not want to put these books down which is to say a lot for a book for me Even though I really enjoy "Reading There Are Few Books "there are few books I really ust want to keep reading and reading and reading until the end without breaksI also enjoyed this series because it didn t give too much away I couldn t figure out the whole twist andor bad person too soon in the story which is also great for me I don t like figuring out who did it in the second chapter of a Book Because Then It S Likely I Ll Put The because then it s likely I ll put the down not even finish it unless it s like a Columbo movie These books were all wonderful because they held my attention didn t give too much away were really page turners for me Buried Sins Hide in Plain Sight were both in the same book Both had lots of action This one had Andrea s sister Caroline who was the rebellious one and had been in lots of trouble in her life The family had not seen her for a long long time When she returns to the Amish country the family did not realize she was running away from problems that she brought with her Excellent readingI am saving it for you Tiffeny I think I liked this novel the best of the three in the Three Sister s Inn trilogy There was action and mystery than in the other books I will say that there are some similar plot details in it It is a uick easy safe read that provides good escape I was tired of this series by the time I got to this book It was a cozy story not overwhelmingly interesting and not suspenseful at all. Ed her handsome police chief Zachary Burkhalter was waiting for Caroline Waiting for her to slip up And watching her every move Daring her to trust him with all of the truth. .
Great bookI love Marta Perry s books At least this series since it is the first that I have read by her She is a great writer I was hooked on the book from chapter one She has enough mystery through out the book that keeps you reading The great thing is that the middle is ust as intense to keep you interested It s not until
The Last Chapter That 
last chapter that reveals who is behind the mystery love that Jewelry artist Caroline is the youngest sister the rebel the one with the fewest memories of her grandparents and their home and the one to have been harmed the most by her feckless mother Caro s coping mechanism has always been to runaway when things get tough And things in Santa Fe are about as tough as they can get Her husband of a month is dead she is being threatened she is discovering and that her husband spun a web of lies around her So she uprooted leaves a letter of resignation at the gallery where she worked and ran away home to the Three Sisters Inn Where she is pulled over for speeding as she arrives in town by handsome burly poker faced Zach the police chief He knows something is off and "sure enough trouble has followed Caro from Santa Fe as someone leaves hints that maybe her husband isn "enough trouble has followed Caro from Santa Fe as someone leaves hints that maybe her husband isn dead Meantime Caro starts restoring an historic uilt view spoiler linked to the Underground Railroad hide spoiler Great endinMarta Perry is great at pilling you into a story and keeping you guessing till the end The Three Sisters Inn series is a wonderful story of redemption and forgiveness Don t miss this read I think I actually preferred this one to the first book Hide in Plain Sight and I could definitely tell how Marta s WANTED DEAD OR ALIVEHad her brand new husband been involved in something shady Before Caroline Hampton could confront him he was killed in a car crashor so it was claimed Un. Buried Sins


Riting had matured since the initia A friend sent "This Book A Box Of Books I Think I "book in a box of books I think read at least one other from The Three Sisters subseries though I couldn t tell you much about it if you asked I know the author s name is familiar also so I am sure I ve read books by her beforeThe mystery was good I didn t anticipate all the twists and turns it took I too thought gambling when the man approached Caroline in Sante Fe I did finally guess one of the people behind it a Keeps you interestedGood I like learning about the Amish and their customs The characters are Christian and remind us how God is present in our lives at all times The story line keeps the reader interested Good read I decided to review these together since it is a series However I believe it would be okay to read them separately or out of order I believe you can understand of the back story if you read them in order but I think they could easily be read on their own also and still be enjoyableBack in high school I remember a librarian taking me around the library trying to help me find books I was interested in I really hated reading when I was younger I ust couldn t seem to find anything I liked This librarian introduced me to mystery books and I finally found something I could read without wanting to put it down after a few pagesI hadn t read any mystery books in years though and these books reminded me how much I enjoy mysteries I really enjoyed these books because I also enjoy Christian RomanceLove Stories I don t like the hard core I m in the bedroom with you type romances but I really enjoy the toned down real life romance stories. Settling incidents escalating in danger warned her he could be very much alive And so Caroline fl ed for the safety of her sisters' Amish country inn But someone who suspect.

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