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Every time I READ A BOOK BY MAIRA read a book by Maira I want to invite the author over for tea and crumpets Or maybe a glass of sherry She sees the world in a way that most of us adults A Pitying of Doves (Birder Murder Mystery lose touch with as we drape ourselves in our serious grownup adult cloaks And ourives are the sadder for it This picture book for adults contains paintings photos and wonderfully uirky text by the author We surround ourselves with objects but how often do we really ook at them The author does just that in this beautiful pictorial and narrative exploration of the significance of Objects In Our Lives Drawn From Her in our ives drawn from her artifacts recollections and selections from the collection of the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum An ode to the whimsy of collections Here ordinary inanimate objects come to The Wedding Band (Save the Date, life as they become imbued with personal memories I adore Maira Kalman and was thrilled to be able to purchase her newestovely graphic novel Special whimsical funny delightful Maira Kalman s books and art make me feel rapturous I m just so glad to be on the same planet and even be the same species as this artist who just gets it I can t explain what it is she gets But she does She gets it And then she explains it And you get it too And then you smile I bought two copies of this book one for myself and one for a friend When I gave it to her she said glancing at the cover Thanks I m sure my young kids will Chinas Search for Democracy love it So I had to explain this is not a kids book It s a picture book for grownups Later that night my friend emailed me I m in bed but I can t go to sleep I m reading this book you gave me and I cannot put it down It s your faultFault duly noted A charming moving book that purports to be about the beauty and elegance of things taken from the Cooper Hewitt museum the author sife and memory but is really about Imaginary Citizens loveoss and From Rumspringa to Marriage life Beautiful art and writing as always but I found the subject matter to be aittle hollow compared to. From Maira Kalman the author of the bestsellers The Principles of Uncertainty and The Elements of Style comes this beautiful pictorial and narrative exploration of the significance of objects in our ives drawn from her personal artifacts recollections and selections from the collection of the Cooper Hewitt National Design MuseumWith than fifty original paintings and featuring bestselling author and illustrator Maira Kalman’s signature handwritten prose My Favorite Things is a poignant and wit. ,

My Favorite Things

Read My Favorite Things

Agination The student and Kalman share the feeling That Objects Are Luminous Beyond objects are uminous beyond not only because they attest to the Una vida absolutamente maravillosa lives of people who came before us and thus in some way both memorialize and undercut theiross but also because they attest to the wonderful in the original sense of filled with wonder wackiness of the human condition the strangeness of a world that would invent flamboyant hats Flamboyancy becomes both a way of resisting mortality she collects photographs of dandies and of angels walking away from the camera and also a way of acknowledging its power by throwing the gauntlet usually a ruffled brightly colored #gauntlet kalman interweaves her family history ornate sabbat #Kalman interweaves her family history ornate Sabbat and the fleetingness of beauty and body with these items that came from a design collection to remind us that we crave things not merely in a capitalist frame but also to render the uotidian uminous and to aspire render the uotidian uminous and to aspire the borrowed Extreme Teaming luster Benjaminian aura of historical figures Kalman s colors areush and bold her faces in flat planes her collected objects sometimes mimetic than her scene setting which tends to emphasize color and Definitely Not Sexy light in an impressionistic way As Kalman says I m paraphrasing sometimes we rememberight and mood than we do solid truths and they shape us there s a certain slant of Organization Development in Healthcare light Throughout this book is the heartbreak ofoss the inevitability of mortality and decay the uncanniness of objects that will outlive us objects rendered even uncanny through their Ethnographic Research lack of greatness and their excess of ornamentation Kalman alludes to historical trauma the Holocaust and personal tragedy her mother s death The whole of the volume counterposes its ownushness color and humor with the intimations of mortality on every page In the face of inevitable erasure of ourselves and those we The Nordic Varieties of Capitalism love we wear fancy hats and ridiculous shoes We collect buttons and photographs of angels We decorate our tombs. Ia an Ingo Maureramp Rietveld’s Z chair a pair of Toscanini’s pants and photographs Kalman has taken of people walking towards and away from her A pictorial index provides photographs of the actual objects and a short description of them enhancing the reading experienceAs it speaks to the universal experience and importance of beloved objects in our ives big and small famous and private this uniue work is a fresh way of examining and understanding our society history culture and ourselves. Her other work Julie Andrews singing Favorite Things from The Sound of Music which bears no obvious relationship to Maira Kalman s book again since this song obviously referenced in Kalman s title is about fighting back the darkness and one s fears maybe it fitsHere s some of it from her website s uirky The Redemption of Holly Dobson lovely book sort of meanders around to explore how the objects sheoves pertain to her growing up and she s still growing up especially her growing up in a particular place She tells of that growing up illustrating it with her ovely intimate watercolors and then reveals that story s relationship to the objects she has chosen for a 2011 exhibit she curated from the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum in NYC chosen from their collection Then Hewitt National Design Museum in NYC chosen from their collection Then shows you stuff she collects andor ikes And what is the rationale for her aesthetic approach Everything is part of everything We Hate live we blunder Love invites us What kinds of things does Kalmanike Old Investigating the Supernatural le The Cooper Hewitt Museum in NYC once asked Maira Kalman to do an exhibit based their collection My Favorite Things is the book based on that exhibit The first part is a brief autobiography of Kalman followed by illustrations of her favorite items from the Cooper Hewitt followed by illustrations of Kalman s other favorite things all accompanied by brief bits of text and excerpts from other books This isike a picture book for adults it s a bit hard to review because it s so short But the illustrations are beautiful and the text is Sturm-Liouville Problems lovelyike poetry Kalman always has a remarkable ability to fit a Make Me Yours (Make Me, lot of meaning into a small space Glorious and wonderful A pictorial playful and personal book that swallows you up Yay A student gave me this book as a gift and I am so grateful he did not only because Ioved it but also because Kalman s rhapsodic uirkiness will now forever be married in my mind with this student s wit aestheticism and eclectic memory and im. Ty meditation on the importance of both uotidian and unusual objects in our culture and private worldsCreated in the same colorful engaging and insightful style as her previous works which have won her fans around the world My Favorite Things features than fifty objects from both the Cooper Hewitt and Kalman’s personal collections the pocket watch Abraham Lincoln was carrying when he was shot original editions of Winnie the Pooh and Alice in Wonderland a handkerchief in memoriam of ueen Victor.