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Great romp through an Italian scientist s love of science and oceans Doesn t contain much actual marine biology but does have a lot of stories about getting funding running research and collecting data Maddalena s love of the sea and science permeates in a way that made it just delightful for me to read and she s a pretty good writer As a biography it s a satisfying tale Well it wasn t exactly great literature the tense switching got confusing But all in all it was a pretty interesting story of a marine biologist It was eye opening for me to learn what a marine biologist or at least this one actually does Namely spend lots of time on a boat documenting dolphin behaviors and groups sizes and later reviewing lots of data and photos And coordinating volunteers and fund raising like explaining to someone on the phone that their adopt a dolphin program does not involve mailing her an actual dolphin so no she doesn t have to add salt to her swimming pool That story was hilarious I thought it was pretty telling that so many people involved were volunteers instead of paid workers I like oceans boats etc but I don t think I have the patience to just observe and take data for hours n end Or worse scan the empty ocean for signs of dolphins day after dayIn addition to the marine biology the author is a pretty remarkable person I was most struck by the fact that she got into the phd program at UCLA because the prof could see that she was going to do the research anyway Imagine being willing to put in all that effort without even nowing you were going to get a degree out of it And it was pretty daring that she started dating an American and moved to the States with thin when her English was still shaky though she already spoke four languages at that point so I guess what s one Overall the book was a good read And the sketches were fun I Can T Remember The Last Time I Read A can t remember the last time I read a with hand drawn illustrations I enjoyed this book Easy and light short. Who hasn’t fantasized about the uniue thrill of working among charismatic and clever dolphins in the wild Now we no longer have to rely solely on our imaginations With Dolphin Confidential Maddalena Bearzi invites all of us shore bound dreamers to join her and travel alongside the dolphins In this fascinating account she takes us inside the world of a marine scientist and offers a firsthand understanding of marine mammal behavior as well as the frustrations delights and creativity that make up dolphin research  In this inti. ,
And sweet personal In thinking about my daughter who is looking at conservation biology as a field of interest it was Fun Imagining Her Out In imagining her out in field in a similar way to the author having amazing interactions with wild creatures I originally picked this one up because I live in Los Angeles and wanted to read the work of the researcher who has done the bulk of the work studying our local dolphins What I found was a beautiful heartfelt story that I could instantly relate to She talks about balancing scientific detachment with emotional wonder at the species she studies and speaks passionately not just about what she does but WHY and the importance of education and conservation At the end of the book I felt like I new a little about our local dolphins and the issues they face and would definitely like to learn about her studies I loved this book and I found it very educational As a id that wants to become a marine biologist this was a great idea of the life of a marine biologist I really enjoyed this book about Field Biologist Maddalena Bearzi and her evolution from student to dolphin researcher Clara read it first and said she really liked it but she didn t gobble it down as she typically does Instead she read it a chapter or two at a time I found myself doing the same thing This would be a great book to eep in the car for those parking lotlunch time reads My perception of Dolphin Confidential changed while reading it My initial view was that it would be a book filled with an abundance of information about dolphins information that would enlighten my understanding about these fascinating creatures of the seaAs the book progressed however it became something different Maddalena Bearzi wrote this book as a personal account Of Her Life As A her life as a biologist Bearzi shows that she is than a scientist gathering data on detached subjects She shows herself to be a person that is drawn to nature with a passion and she applies that passion Mate narrative Bearzi recounts her experiences at sea tracing her own evolution as a woman and a scientist from her earliest travails to her transformation into an advocate for conservation and dolphin protection These compelling in depth descriptions of her fieldwork also present a captivating look into dolphin social behavior and intelligence The central part of the book is devoted to the metropolitan bottlenose dolphins of California as Bearzi draws on her extensive experience to offer insights into the daily lives of thes. O her work In taking this approach she not only imparts information but she also conveys only imparts information but she also conveys understanding as to why that information is important her and hopefully by extension to humankind as well The oceans are in trouble the creatures that live in the oceans are not faring will and the humans THAT DEPEND UPON THE OCEANS ARE ONLY A STEP depend upon the oceans are only a step for the dolphins they are amazing creatures The information that is imparted improved my understanding of their behavior in the wild and most of the book focused on dolphins located off the cost of Southern California The book includes aspects of their social interactions and behaviors It also provides measured ARGUMENTS THAT SUGGEST THAT DOLPHINS FEEL that suggest that dolphins feel And it discusses their potential for intelligence with examples of how dolphins teach and pass down skills from one generation to the nextOn occasion I have taken a tour boat out of Dana Point Harbor that focuses on bringing people closer to dolphins My next tour of this type will certainly be informed because of this book This is an extraordinary piece of work and Maddalena is an inspiration to all those looking to work in the field and participate in conservation I have recently acuired a passion for wildlife biology and will be majoring in it as well as sustainability and conservation This is a must read it s SO informative as well as interesting I absolutely loved this book I highly recommend this book for anyone mesmerized by dolphins and the ocean It also brings to the forefront the dangers of continually sabotaging our oceans by pollution and how ocean life is being made extinct due to human behavior Dr Bearzi points out in no uncertain terms that much of our ocean wildlife could be extinct in the not too distant future I was interested in the dolphins than how Dr Bearzi got to be a dolphin researcher which is covered in the beginning of the book It is amazing to read about her work and the sacrifices she has made to continue it. E creatures as well as the difficulties involved in collecting the data that transforms hunches into hypotheses and eventually scientific facts The book closes by addressing the critical environmental and conservation problems facing these magnificent socially complex highly intelligent and emotional beings   An honest down to earth analysis of what it means to be a marine biologist in the field today Dolphin Confidential offers an entertaining refreshingly candid and always informative description of life among the dolphins. Dolphin Confidential

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