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Stanford Wong Flunks Big timeI loved this book Great format and writting style Though this book is geared to elementary basketball laying boys this book is still a good read for the young female too I did not like this book because it was too long and I didn t understand a lot I also didn t like this book because I don t like basketball that much I liked this book because it had a happy ending I liked the art when Stanford got into the A basketball team because it was the best basketball team I also liked the art summer school because best basketball team I also liked the art summer school because flunked reading during the school year Stanford learned that he needed to Sharon, Lois and Brams Skinnamarink put effort because he couldn t go to basketball camp because he had flunked reading After I finished Milliecent Min I got the seuel I have to be honest it wasn t uite as entertaining as Milliecent Min s take on things but it was cool to see the whole story from a differentrespective Standford Wong is your average teenager Longing to That Noble Dream prove himself sports jock blows off school in general and his nerdy tutor Millicent Min and is constantlyressured to get good grades by his mother and father A Good Read PS Cute read PS Cute relationship between Standford and his grandmother Stanford Wong is the main character in Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time SWFBT by Lisa Yee SWFBT follows a formula fiction structure and is the second book in a series The other two books are told from the The Shadows I Followed perspective of the two other main characters Millicent Min and Emily Ebers In the book Stanford is a young boy who just failed 6th grade English He had hoped to go to a famous basketball camp during the summer but his daduts the kibosh on camp in favor of summer school and Japanese Etiquette passing English Stanford then spends the rest of the summer with the help of Millie the smart girl who is the same age but in high school and also taking college courses tutoring him and trying to help himass English During the course of the summer Stanford also has other issues relating to his grandma Yin Yin who moves to an assisted living facility and has what could best be described as dementia However Yin Yin is an important friend and confidant to Stanford throughout the book and her transition to the facility ends up being a good one Stanford also has issues at home relating to his dad because he is a workaholic Dad would rather work than deal with the The Cowboy and His Baby problems that have developed with his wife and Stanford The other issue in the book is Stanford falling for his first girl Emily Ebers and getting along with friends and theressures of being a standout athlete In the end everything works out for Stanford and he figures out that Secure Location people are really on his team than he realizes He ends upassing English and connecting with his teacher keeping his friends building a better relationship with his dad getting the girl and gets to stay a member of the basketball teamClassroom applications for this book are The Everyday Witch (Beatrice Bailey, plenty but best suited for grades 6 8 First SWFBT wouldrobably be a good book to use to help get a student who struggles with reading to connect with a book especially if that student loved basketbal. Stanford Wong is in big trouble or as he would spell it trubble in this laugh out loud companion to the award winning MILLICENT MIN GIRL GENIUSStanford Wong is having a bad summer If he flunks his summer school Englis. L Getting the student to read the book and finding a time to meet with them once a week to discuss with them what they ve read would robably go a long way in getting the student to hopefully continue reading on their own This could also be a good book to use to as a mentor text to help model a simple story arc that keeps one main character as the focus of everything Also if you included the other books you could show how students could write different stories from different character s Bred by the Beastmen (Bred by the Beastmen perspectives that are connected to each other A goodroblem novel for boys Sports humor first love some family issuesThere is a bit of an everything but the kitchen sink to this but I still enjoyed it and think most tween boys would Family booklist This book is almost as annoying as its cover and title One look at the kid on the front of this book and you already know what type of book this is annoying sassy Fline en Lingerie predictable corny blasphemous and upright appalling So what is this book even about A boy named Stanford who use to be a nobody at school decides to become a mega ultra superstar at basketball and becomeopular Problem is he flunks English and has to go to summer school which you wouldn t think is that big of a deal But apparently its some sort of crisis because his friends can t know otherwise they ll leave himsome friends This girl named Emily who he likes can t know because he lied to her and told her he s a geniuscause that s how you impress a girl right Anyway he goes to summer school and impress a girl right Anyway he goes to summer school and like the biggest 2 year old ever He goes around retending to be spyyy and his teacher a really nice guy named Mr Glick Is Teacher Torturer I Mean teacher torturer I mean you really not have compassion for the oor man It s because of you that he has to waste his summer teaching annoying kids like you instead of going on that cruise in Peru that he s been Orange 5 (オレンジ, planning since he was a kid If you had justaid attention in class this whole ordeal wouldn t take lace So uit acting like such a ain suck it up and just ass the dang class So Stanford claims he has friends Great friends you have who you think are willing to abandon you when they find out you take classes over the summer And then there s also a bunch of these side stories about his ersonal life that are so stupid it s kind of funny Also Stanford is like this really mean kid He s constantly making fun of this genius named Millicent Min this really nice Chinese girl that s just trying to help him ass the summer school class by tutoring him Instead Stanford just makes fun of her the whole time and they retty much get nothing done She has no friends just trying to make conversation and Stanford just cracks some heartless joke about her Really annoying The Greatest Victory protagonist just sets the stage for an annoying book At least have the main character someone who s nice maybe Chapter book realisticFor 5th 7th gradeStanford is looking forward to basketball camp until he flunks English and spends the summer in school being tutored and making unexpected friends in this funny storyIf Stanford doesn tass English he can H class he won't Second Chance Pass (Virgin River, pass sixth grade If that happens he won't start on the A team If that happens his friends will abandon him and Emily Ebers won't like him any And if THAT happens his life will be over Then hisarents. ,

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Play on the best basketball team in seventh grade Which is how he finds himself in summer school instead of at basketball camp and why the obnoxiously smart millicent min is his english obnoxiously smart Millicent Min is his English Any reluctant reader will Empathize With Stanford S Situation He Doesn with Stanford s situation He doesn feel good about getting an F on his Holes essay Holes is a book It was written by a writer but that doesn t mean he wants to spend time reading even if getting good grades is what will make his mother happy Readers of Yee s earlier book Millicent Min Girl Genius will enjoy reading the flip side of that story this time getting Stanford s erspective with A Family Scandal plenty of the same humor if a little grosser In order to make friends with Emily Millicent hides the fact that she s a genius and when Stanford gets a crush on Emily he s happy tolay along and Ruthless Game (GhostWalkers, pretend that he s the one tuturing Millicent Thisretense adds to the humor of the book as does the subplot with Stanford s grandmother and the fact that Stanford secretly knits to relieve stressThe chapters are generally uite short the writing is clear and direct and the characters are always entertaining making this a good choice for reluctant readers in addition to the themes and humor that will make it appealing to middle school boys Yee also depicts three generations of a Chinese American family incorporating that The Perfect Weapon perspective into the story in subtle and realistic ways The Horn Book s review sums up thelot neatly while highlighting the story s combination of humor and heart School Library Journal has a slightly clunkier Psychic Protection plot summary but doesoint out the book s boy friendly aspects This book was AMAZING It was so kewl how Lisa Yee กระต่ายในเงาจันทร์ put alot of information about basketball to make Standford a REALerson His Employment Law Cases and Materials personality is so real Lisa Yee u r amazing I really liked this novel by Lisa Yee In fact I enjoyed reading about Stanford than Min the companionreuel book I think it s because Stanford is so accessible He does enough goof ups to make him likable and he feels really real as a young boy Of course there are still deeper issues like his grandmother s health and his dad s workaholism that are What Would Pacifists Have Done about Hitler? a Discussion of War, Dictators and Pacifism present but Stanford reacts like a regular youth The only minor drawback is that my husband found his super mad basketball skills not that believable but I just went with the story Anyway I think this is a fine addition to the Asian American youth literature Great job Lisa Yee In my ever long uest in examining Asian American teen fiction I gave Stanford Wong a try and have to admit I am a fan Stanford is a horrible student and basketball star who has to retake English in summer school This book written in the form of a diary tracks Stanford s life that summer where he deals with hisarents tense relationship his grandmother moving into an old folks home and his falling in love for the first time with a girl and with books Cute I loved Stanford s character Yee addresses the model minority myth and makes this American born Chinese boy a kid like everyone else Chinese culture is seamlessly woven in without trying to teach. Are fighting his grandmother Yin Yin hates her new nursing home he's being tutored by the world's biggest nerdball Millicent Min and he's not sure his ballpoint Emily tattoo is ever going to wash offcont on next age. ,

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