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There are many things I did not ike in this book but I did enjoy the overall atmosphere of itThe princess MC is entitled self "centered and oblivious and what character growth she shows is to become passive She is also "and oblivious and what character growth she shows is to become passive She is also to the story and I never understoo I wanted to be generous because I knew what I was getting into but it was just so dull This type of novel

"Should Be Fun And It "
be fun and it t 35 Stars I had to pry myself away from the Olympics and get back to reading With the second book in this series coming out shortly I decided to finally read this I ove fantasy so this is a book I had my eye on for a while When it comes to the actual premise of this series it s fantastic I would almost call this historical fantasy as it seems to take place in what is now. It is to be their ast summer of freedom When it’s over Thalynder will not be able to escape her duties as Princess of the Realm Shieldmaiden Bryn will watch he. Shieldmaiden Book 1A romance but it seems ill fated i seriously wonder how it will ast in seriously wonder how it will Collecting Shakespeare last in series two main characters are a princess and her Druid Shieldmaiden The Princess is supposed to marry and have heirs and the Shieldmaiden has her own future ahead of her It s hard to see how these two will match up and to be honest I m not sure if Iike the pairing I m not really crazy about the Princess and I m waiting to see if she will change my mind in the next bookThe way this book sets up the series book two should be something really exciting to read There should be "A Lot Of Exciting Battles "lot of exciting battles come I hope that is what will happen and then I will forgive this book for its sluggish pace I m keeping my fingers crossed when I read book two this weekend I will be blown away. D the King sends Bryn Thalynder a dragon and a Knight on a journey across The Realm That Touches Two Seas in an adventure perilous to their ives and their hearts. .
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England when the Druids were still there and the Vikings would come and raid the ands But instead of just being about Kingdoms and princesses this book also adds in Elves and dragons I mean come on how cool does that premise soundThe problem I had with this book and why it didn t get 4 or 5 stars it seems to be too much of a build up book for the rest of the series While answers are given history is aid down and the future is set not a ot happens in this book This first book is a uest book so I expected those slowed down pages of traveling and not much happening but not enough excitement happened overall There is one small "SKIRMISH YOU CAN T EVEN CALL "you can t even call a battle and that was it Important things do happen in this book but I needed a ittle something There is. R childhood friend marry and rule her own words of ove forever silenced Before their proscribed fate overtakes them however one ast uest to please the Druids an.

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