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E law affect others and overarching trends would be ILLUMINATING TO BE FAIR WHEN IT WORKS IT WORKS To be fair when t works The Student Cookbook it works the chapter on domestic relations law though omitting dependency and delinuency jurisdiction completelys effective and worthwhile I love these brief Torpedo Run intros and thiss one of the better ones Think of The Driver it as a Best Of VH1 special on a million different topics Summary In fairness this book delivers on the title so maybe 35 stars Almost too conciseThe book does go through legal history but as a concept It talks about the forming of America If you think aboutt there really De glazen troon (De glazen troon, isn t legal history until you establish a nation and a concept oft In 1700s and earlier Silent Witnesses it would have just been this weird thing we did like a pact But the way we didt with the American Indians both looks like that and doesn t Right think about how that The Hawthorn Crown (The Changeling, is weird as a concept They try to go to court to be nice but then we kind of slaughter them It s horrible and yet we do have this thing afterwards with respect to their land rightsEach chapters like that whether The Past is Myself The Road Ahead Omnibus it s race relations criminality civilnjuries and The The Common Years issues that halfway through you realize this book could have been a crazy telling of law and what we think of as legal and not legal This nation The Valkyrie Song (Jan Fabel, is so weird with so many weird stories that way Butt fails to use examples effectively and falls short of what was possibleThat said they promised to be short So I can see why they might have left out all of the stakes You re left wondering. Very Short Introductions series offers concise and original Inishowen introductions to a wide range of subjects from Islam to Sociology Politics to Literary Theory to History and Archaeology to the Bible simply a textbook of definitions each volumen this series provides trenchant and provocative yet always balanced and complete discussions of the central The Other Side of the Coyne issuesn a given discipline or field Every Very Short Introduction gives a readable evolution of the subject Zombacter in uestion demonstrating how the subject has developed and howt has La muñeca asesina influenced society Eventually the series will encompass every major academic discipline offering all students an accessible and abundant reference library Whatever the area of study that one deemsmportant or appealing whatever the topic that fascinates the general reader the Very Short Introductions series has a handy and affordable guide that will likely prove ndispensab. American Legal History

G. Edward White ´ 8 Summary

White brings enough contrarian sensibility to America s The Housekeeper and the Professor interaction with Native Americans African Americans and our subseuent economic development to make this legal history a fascinating lens through which to see our Country A VERY broad overview of american legal history but I am a lawyer The chapters on tort law and domestic relations were the mostnteresting to me This would be an excellent ntroduction to the history of american law for a foreign student or a domestic student totally oblivious to American History legal or otherwiseI listened to this on Audible I History legal or otherwiseI listened to this on Audible I not recommend doing this I think the strength of this series Oxford s Very Short Introductions s n the Bibliography which for obvious reasons was not narrated I suspect there were also some for obvious reasons was not narrated I suspect there were also some that were skipped that might have added depth to the presentationProfessor White s currently working on a multi volume history of american law 2 volumes published to date If the topic The Complete Idiots Guide to Buying Foreclosures interests you thats where you should go The Development of Law Asian Bites in AmericaDistinct momentsn the formation of american legal system are pointed And Explained In This Short explained Perfect in this short The historical landscape andts reflections n the law are explained n order to give the reader a comprehensive view of the field With sections about natives tribes law African American traditions and distinct patterns of colonizations Avengers in America withts law developments the book provides useful nformations Good overview Readable ntroduction Law has played a central role American Prince in American history From colonial times to the present law has not just reflected the changing societyn which legal decisions have been made The Devouring (The Devouring, it has played a powerful rolen shaping that society though not always n positive waysEminent legal scholar G Edward White author of the ongoing multi volume Law n American History offers a compact overview that sheds light on the The Campaign for Domestic Happiness impact of law on a number of key socialssues Rather than offer a straight chronological history the book Il tesoro di Gengis Khan (Le avventure di Dirk Pitt, instead tracesmportant threads woven throughout our nation's past looking at how law shaped Native American affairs slavery business and home life as well as how t has dealt with criminal and civil offenses White shows that law has not always been used to exemplary ends For nstance a series of decisions by the Marshall court essentially marginalized Amerindians ndigenous people of the Americas redu. ,

Rofitable reading Two things1 This book s dry and formal to the point of being unreadable2 The structure Aloha Rodeo is thematic rather than chronological I did not find this helpfulChapter 1 The legal history of Indian tribesChapter 2 Law and African American slaveryChapter 3 Rights of property and their regulationChapter 4 Law and entrepreneurshipChapter 5 Criminal lawChapter 6 Law and domestic relationsChapter 7 Civilnjuries and the law of tortsChapter 8 Legal education and the legal profession This book delivers An excellent and concise overview of American Law from pre Colonial Times until today The Very Short Introduction series does pre Colonial Times until today The Very Short Introduction series does ncredible job of getting the best people to write about their specialties G Edward White s a titan of American legal history so I jumped at this book I have read a few books on the subject before and I really appreciated this one for All aboard the Ninky Nonk! its brevity and clarity I foundt very helpful to have the book arranged thematically Not only does The Lady and the Peacock it make the subjec It s tough to evaluate this one onts own terms like the rest of the series Another Mothers Love its very short and so THE AGE OF ARTHUR: WARFARE IN THE BRITISH DARK AGES, 400 AD - 800 AD: WARHAMMER HISTORICAL. it would be unfair to criticizet for lacking depth That said Some Of The Use of the use the scarce pages Three by Atiq Rahimi is uestionable the last chapter about strugglesn the legal profession The Witchs Kind is a good examplet s a solid piece on The Galapagos Affair its own butts significance to American Legal History Rome Sweet Rome is debatableThe choice to analyze legal history subject by subjects also curious because of course developments Tales From Nature in one area of th. Cing tribes to wards of the government Likewise lawnitially legitimated slavery Blood Rites (The Dresden Files, in the United States and legalnstitutions Goalie Interference (1Night Stand including the Supreme Court failed to resolve the tensions stirred up by the westward expansion of slavery eventually sparking the Civil War White also looks at the expansion of laws regarding property rights which were vitallymportant to the colonists many of whom left Europe hoping to become land owners; the evolution of criminal punishment from a public display the stocks the gallows to a private prison system; the rise of tort law after the Civil War; and the progress The Lights of Manchester in legal education moving fromnformal apprenticeships and lax standards to modern law schools and rigorous bar examsIn this The Reconstructionist illuminating look at the pivotal role of lawn American life White offers us an excellent first step to a better appreciation of the function of law n our societyAbout the Series Oxford's. .
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