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I loved reading this book True to life characters and to me Graham was Emily s knight in shining armor coming to the rescue to save her in a couple of incidents My first read by this author and hope to read This was such a sweet story Emily reminded me of myself very head strong and stubborn The author sent me an ARC of this novel and this is an honest review I enjoyed the book very much The characters are warm and appealing The hero is very protective of the heroine in all ways Not only does he protect her physically he "NURTURES HER DESIRE FOR INDEPENDENCE THIS "her desire for independence This a tender realistic honestly told romance that will warm your heart long after you close the book Being from Texas I found the setting authentic Caro Carson just ets better and better I can t wait to read her next book I found this to be a Tennessee Takedown / Ravens Hollow good romantic read that is full of love hope family and friendships This book takes many twist and turns along the way making it a interesting read While I like romance novels I found this one to be uniuely different then most You will not see a lot of the events of their love story coming making it a hard to put down read Emily is feisty and strong and in the show me not tell me way Graham stands beside or behind her never theuy who assumes he knows best Emily Davis resented being told what to do and her lousy ex boyfriend s harassment After stopping at a local bar she shut down said ex and when he tried to persist Ben Graham scared him off Graham was strongly drawn to Em as she was to him and as they chatted by the bar he noticed a fight starting and hustled her out the back door as it escalated Stuck on the back patio with others and no way out they continued to chat until the biker fight spilled out the back door Em s truck was penned in by the police response so they decided to spend some time together After a long night that neither wanted to end they separated only to be brought back together by fate Told with humor romance and sensuality this one is not to be missed I reuested and received an ARC copy to read and REVIEW GOOD BOOK GRAHAM LEFT THE Good book Graham left the after eight years burned out on the things he d seen and done But coming home wasn t the answer either He spent time putting his business degree to use but still felt unsettled and lost Then his uncle offered him a job as a ranch hand something he knew nothing about The night before reporting into work Graham stopped at a local bar but still felt out of place among the college kids and young soldiers who were there On his local bar but still felt out of place among the college kids and young soldiers who were there On his out he came to the rescue of a young woman having trouble with her exEmily stopped at the bar to meet friends before The Cowboy Takes a Bride (The Bridal Bid going back to her last semester of college She was already bummed because the last thing she wanted was too back to school Being accosted by her ex was the icing on the cake Things looked up when she met Graham who backed her up witho. LESSONS IN LASSOING Though Marine hero Benjamin Graham doesn't know the first thing about ranching his new job is the lifeline he desperately needs Without the help of feisty cowgirl Emily Davis though he's lost in ways than one But as their attraction turns comb. .
How to Train a Cowboy Texas Rescue #6Working ranch and reat character interaction proves the existence of Kismet for readers Pleasure And Puts The and puts the on top with her unforgettable spitfire heroine and salt of the earth hero 4 stars RT Book ReviewsMiniseries Texas Rescue I loved this story I like the way the story was built I feel it ave a Shotgun Wedding (Silhouette Yours Truly, good portion of the book for a very small time period that I let meet to know the characters and their relationship deeply I truly hope they will be in follow up books as I would like to see how their lives developed I as I would like to see how their lives developed I even love to see them et a whole other book just for them #IN MOST POPCORN ROMANCES LOVE IS # most popcorn romances love is always instantaneous Whether the couple uench their red hot fire on the first night or a few months or years down the line their love is always meant to be written in the stars recognizable at first lance if not acknowledged as such It s the sort of fantasy for people who truly wish or believe that their own true love is out there somewhere and when found will be known on the spot as being THE ONEIt can be frustrating to read such stories making you wonder if it s not possible for love to row over time or for you to find someone else when your previous amour dies breaks up with you or leaves for whatever reason Love at first sight Sounds reat if you re 15 and have your head in the cloudsThis novel manages to make skeptics believers if only for a little while Incredibly the first half of the novel details the events of a single night the night Benjamin Graham meets the plucky Emily Davis Emily is a cowgirl from her long hair to her boots But she s been fighting a losing battle trying to Only a Whisper get what she wants a life spent ranching and farming along with the boys Her draconian parents have been wearing her down aboutetting a college degree that she doesn t want In spite of her brave spirit she s been Copper Lake Secrets ground down slowly over the yearsAll this heartfelt emotional sharing takes place on the same night as their initial encounter and it enriches the sexual joining between our protagonists Because this bulk of the novel focuses almost exclusively on Emily and Benjamin the reader has an almost uncomfortable insight to both of their thoughts So the supposed one night stand becomes so much than that as the two part from each other withoodbyes that are painful in their unspoken intensity I was swept away by the power of the love that Brooklyn's Song grows between these two and convinced that it is possible to meet someone who can change your life in a single evening The novel also takes us into the mundane tasks of a working horse ranch and farm It certainly looks as if the author knows what she s stating so this is also one of those romances that teaches the layman things she might not have known But it s the central love story that captivates and makes How to Train a Cowboy that rare treat the believable love at first sight story. Ged new ranch hand Graham seems like an unlikely trainee he is taking her dreams of running the ranch seriously than anyone else As theyrow closer during hot days and nights working the range Emily starts to think that maybe the ranch is only a piece of her dre. ,

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Ut being obnoxious about itI loved this first encounter BETWEEN GRAHAM AND EMILY GRAHAM NOTICED EMILY RIGHT AWAY Graham and Emily Graham noticed Emily right away was bowled over by her He was watchful during her conversation with her ex and thoroughly enjoyed seeing her deal with him I loved Graham s understated intervention Emily s reaction to Graham was just as strong as she made her attempt to thank him for his help When a fight broke out in the bar Graham s protective instincts kicked in and he Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide got Emily and others to a safe spot Unable to leave Graham and Emily spent the time talkingIt was unusual to have than half of the book take place in the first few hours of when Emily and Graham met There was a connection between them from the moment they met in spite of the eight years age difference I loved how easy they found it to talk to each other about anything and everything Graham told her about his upcoming job as a ranch hand his lack of experience and his determination to make ao of it Emily told Graham all about her frustration with her family s refusal to accept what she wants from her life I loved how Graham was able to help Emily see that she could stand up for herself and Plain Jane The Hotshot go after her dreams As they talked the attraction between themrew and added to the connection they felt By the time the night was over they had plans to meet again They did not expect it to be so soonI ached for both Graham and Emily when they did Graham had just finished etting settled dealing with the obnoxious young cowboy who was training him This scene made me laugh to see this young punk try TO PULL STUPID TRICKS ON A MAN LIKE GRAHAM pull stupid tricks on a man like Graham was also dealing with the sneaking suspicion that the ranch he was on was the one owned by Emily s family and that he had just taken the job she wanted Emily s shock at seeing Graham was real as was her anger when she realized what had happened I hurt for her as all the plans she made were shot down one by one leaving her stuck with her family s expectations after all There was a ood scene where she intervened with Sid s hazing of Graham which #also led to another instance of her standing # led to another instance of her standing for herself and her Blackmailed Into the Italians Bed goals I loved seeing Graham help her see that she could still make her dreams work she simply had to make some adjustments It was so sweet to see Graham show her what she couldn t see for herselfThe end of the book came in kind of a rush I liked the scene at the roundup where it was clear that Graham was settling in well He was obviously accepted by her cousins Luke and Trey The progression of the relationship between Graham and Emily was alluded to in his thoughts about their calls and video chats but not elaborated on I loved the final scene with Emily sraduation and the twist that she and Graham added to it Carson s latest is a Texas sized charmer from beginning to end In this fast paced Western romance she delivers a Girls Night Out genuine feel of a real. Ustible the hardened battle vet turns away from theorgeous college coed She might know every inch of her family's homestead but Graham doesn't want her to know his pain Even if the world is Emily's oyster all she's ever wanted is the family ranch And though rug. .