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The Eyes of the Dead lAture and an uncanny sense of what people think and how they react He explores black rage its triggers and offers insight into the darker aspects of his characters personalities the side individuals don tike to acknowledge they have The author has developed the cerebral aspects of Pike Logan by conveying of the decision making process and the emotional Pike s of Pike Logan by conveying the decision making process and the emotional input into Pike s rationale giving a intimate Rules for a Lady look into his charactersThe story conveys nicely scripted fight scenes and all the hardware that thriller fans have come toove He intertwines his characters into the ever changing plot Calebs Tempting Mate (Saber Chronicles like a finely woven tapestry in which the story plays out Everything shifts to Brazil where Knuckles has inadvertently stumbled into a nest of Russian operators whose missioninks Charleston and Brazil in a singular entity The Russians don t realize THEY are the hunted nowThe plot moves between DC Charleston s Fort Moultrie And Brazil Salvador Manaus and Rio deJaneiro s Sugar Loaf Mtn As the story progresses it brings kidnappings mayhem and death Like a corkscrew tightening to an explosive finish There is success along with unfortunate ABC losses And I have to say I didn t see that ending comingTaylor has gotten creative in his instruments of death Move over Matt Betley you have competition This is why you don t go swimming in ian riversHUNTER KILLER is the best novel Brad Taylor has ever produced offering a intimateook into the personalities Major change within Taskforce in book 14 There s also a big step in character developmentHunter Killer is full of action right from the start and Pike found himself being a target right at home in Charleston as the family enjoy downtime Storyline Odd Man In lightly follows current headlines with Russia trying to manipulate Brazil election as well as placing who they can influence as board of Petrobras energy oil company in BrazilTo kill or not to kill that is the uestion If you read the book youl know what I m talking about IMO was too often overdone it Action was as good as always Another great thriller in the Pike Logan series This book not only features tough female operatives Palace Intrigue (A Medieval Tale like Jennifer who is sometimes conflicted and operatesike Pike s conscience and Shoshana but also interesting newer characters and victims who aren t ike Willow Amena and KylieThe setting Russians trying to take over a Brazilian oil field via a series of executions is credible and a refreshing change of paceHighly recommended. Pike and Jennifer head to Brazil to investigate their disappearance and run headlong into a crew of Russian assassins Within days they are entangled in a byzantine scheme involving Brazilian politics and a cut throat battle for control of offshore oil fieldsForged in combat the Russians are the eual of anything the Taskforce has encountered before but they make a mistake in attacking Pike’s team because Pike has a couple of elite Israeli assassins of his own And Pike will stop at nothing to protect his family. ,
Hunter KillerReally not much to say here Another outstanding thriller from Brad Taylor that continued from the excellent Daughter of War as the Taskforce takes on Russia s Wagner Group mercenaries in Brazil and Pike is at his most intense since he was first introduced in One Rough Man If you enjoyed the previous books you will surely enjoy this one and this is also a good jumping enjoyed the previous books you will surely enjoy this one and this is also a good jumping point if you haven t read previous books Taylor also throws in a few surprises to shake up the status uo of the series and keep things fresh Russian agents are going to try to interfere in Brazil s elections and garner some oil rights for their country when they notice a couple of Task Force agents The Russians decide to kill everybody in the task force while at the same time assassinating other people opposed to them Of course they fail to kill Pike Logan who comes right back at them We are supposed to believe a 13 year old kid with no training can easily outsmart Russian Spetsnaz but Ameena s pages are kept to a minimumPretty decent HUNTER KILLER is a thrill a minute non stop action thriller concerning a special ops team This is the best Pike Logan novel I ve read so far The Russians are up to their usual dirty tricks again This time

Their Target Is In 
target is in The story begins in Charleston SC when someone is murdered I highly recommend this novel you will Carlyle Marney love this Hunter Killer is Brad Taylor s fourteenth book in his Pike Logan series Even though this is book fourteen in the series Mr Taylor made it easy to follow as a standalone Hunter Killer is another expertly written novel from this master of the action thriller Taylor has once again done his research and deftly blends reality and fiction The historical and technological details are expertly rendered The scenery is exuisitely detailed and seamlessly blended into the riveting plot Taylor takes the reader around every historic corner and to breath taking summits Pike Logan is as intriguing as ever and Jennifer and the rest of the team are the ultimate supporting cast This is a thriller from start to finish I thoroughly enjoyed this fourteenth edition of Pike Logan s escapades I rate it 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to all readers who enjoy intense action and an overall exciting thriller My thanks to Aria and NetGalley for the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book However the opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and mine alone This is a story ofove family and values Oh and. Pike Logan tracks highly trained Russian assassins to Brazil in this blistering action packed thriller from New York Times bestselling author and former Special Forces Officer Brad TaylorPike Logan and the Taskforce were once the apex predators an unrivaled hunting machine that decimated those out to harm the United States but they may have met their match While Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill prepare to join their team on a counter terrorist mission in the triple frontier the awless tri border region where Arg.

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Action uite a ot of action Thanks to Edelweiss Netgalley Aria and William Morrow for etting me read this one This is one of the better books in the series about Pike Logan and his merry band of marauders I strongly recommend any one that hasn t tried it to do so I was fortunate enough to get an ARC of HUNTER KILLER at a writing conference I m a huge fan of Brad s Pike Logan series and this is his best book yet Many authors start to slow down after 14 novels but not Brad The pacing in this book is relentless and the tension will tie your stomach into knots I couldn t put it down If you Sacred Landscapes love the Pike Logan series youl Angel Without Mercy (Agnes Carmichael, love this book If you re new to Brad s novels this book will make you a fan Interesting thriller with Pike and his team tracked by killers until the bad guys get theirs 7 of 10 stars Theong awaited release of HUNTER KILLER by Brad Taylor has exploded on the best seller ist just a short two weeks out and is everything Taylor s fans anticipated It s a fast paced action adventure that unites all Pike Logan s fellow espionage cohorts In A Search For a search for Russian killers and kidnappers of key members of the Task Force TeamIn a targeted attack Pike oses his dearest friend and mentor in a bomb explosion meant for him Warned that the Oversight Council is shutting down Project Prometheus Pike defies orders to stand down and reaches out to those that had his back on other missions with all signs pointing to BrazilLike a jigsaw puzzle the pieces keep falling into place an overheard conversation in Myanmar brings intelligence that Russian Wagner mercenaries seek vengeance and a halt to *american interference in their interestsother intell filters in *interference in their interestsOther intell filters in other members of his Task Force are missing in BrazilEx Mossad agents Shoshona and Aaron Girl Reporter learn of the attacks and join Pike and JenniferKoko on the search A mission of tracking down Hezbollah financiers in the ArgentinaBrazil triangle turns to finding his missing teammates in Brazil and the RussiansTaylor examines the grittier visceral emotions that explode whenoved ones are endangered or killed He goes after the Russians with Jennifer Shoshona and Aaron following his Hunted lead Covert assistance is also provided from other stand down task force members All have the same objective find Kurt s killers and find the missing Knuckles and Brett The former mission has been replaced by a pressing oneLike all ex military authors Taylor has an acute understanding of human Entina Brazil and Paraguay meet they are targeted in Charleston South Carolina A vicious explosion kills a friend and the perpetrators have set it up toook Gingerbread Heart like an accident While the authorities believe this was not foul play Pike knows the attack was meant for himWhen heoses contact with the team in South America Pike is convinced he and the Taskforce are under assault His men are the closest thing to family that Pike has which means he will do anything even ignore direct orders to stand down to find them.