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It's Like This

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Was 100% on board with him I also couldn t stand Niles friend Shona who I thought was waaayyy too nosy and into Niles business I am personally very private about my own elationships and I would HATE a friend to insert his or her opinion all the time She ubbed me the wrong way I felt like she was trying to be Niles mom or something My last comment was that though this book was hot and sweet it was also pretty standard BDSM fare I enjoyed it but it didn t wow me like I had expected it to Though the ending was lovely I m a sucker for young love looking back on their story a few days later I don t feel any strong emotions about it either way I think for me it was a solid like but nothing Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest eview Remember when you were a kid and you went to your grandma s house and maybe you hadn t seen your grandma in a long time and she would hug the bejesus out of you and kiss you all over your headface until you wanted to say Awwww grandma C mon Remember thatI was the grandma in this little scenario I wanted to sueeze the stuffing out of my kindle than once but that would ve been counterproductiveI m going to make a concerted effort not to type your face off I know I can get a little wordy Periodically In short LOVED IT I D TOTES READ IT AGAIN YOU SHOULD SO READ IT LIKE NOWNilesNigh is a fantastically uirky weirdly insecure obsessive and neurotic character He s adorbs and will fit nicely in my pocket I ve already made oom for him It niggled me a bit that he s cast as such a people pleaser that he s afraid to use his voice considering he and RylanRy are in a BDSM elationship BUT he s 19 I may be chalking too much up to his age but that s my story and I m sticking to itRy is uite a talented little sadist I gotta say He s a kinky dirty talking little bastard who sets Nigh on fire AND baffles him I did think it was somewhat odd that they ve been in a elationship for three years and have never defined their elationship The timelack of communication does get addressed but THREE YEARS I ll throw in money to the take some initiative fund boys DamnThe entire first half of It s Like This is Nigh obsessing about their elationship because they never talk about their elationship and he s concocted all these farfetched ideas that are making him crazy I was this close to going into my kindle to facilitate the Come to Jesus meeting They avoided it by the narrowest of margins After the pow wow it is painstakingly obvious just how good Ry is for Nigh He s patient and persistent and for a 19 year old he s uite insightful and perceptiveI know people will be put off by the writing style first person present You know what I have to say to them Your loss Others will be put off by the kink and they probably have a case I thought it was idiculously hot and the trust Nigh has for Ry is clear as day Plus the begging Jesus Mary and Joseph the begging I m sure their play has evolved over three years I d be willing to bet they didn t jump into the deep end They are each other s first everything Ry is uite observant on top of his other ualities and in three years he s made one uasi mistake Maybe I m ationalizing but I didn t think it was anywhere near dub con I thought their power dynamics were a perfect fit for themEven the secondary characters added to the appeal of this book "The little sister Kya is hilarious The best friend Shona is the catalyst oftentimes I m kind of a "little sister Kya is hilarious The best friend Shona is the catalyst oftentimes I M KIND OF A FOR THE kind of a for the make your family thing and Ry certainly needs it because his parents level of suckitude is sky highAs an aside it does sort of niggle that apparently this was pulled to publish fan original fic though not enough to lower my atingI totally loved It s Like This and it s now safely ensconced on my favorites shelf I ll definitely eread it If you decide to give it a whirl I hope you love it as much as I It s like thisNiles needs to learn how to communicate with his boyfriend RylanIt s like thisseriously he has like a pathological fear of opening his mouth Well except sexuallyIt s like thisI bookmarked all the sex scenes Breath play is looking and interestingIt s like thisthe est of it was eally good as wellIt s like thisI wanna ead it againIt s like thisYOU SHOULD READ IT TOO45 stars Thoughts on the official published versionThe free online version of It s Like This has been eplaced with a evamped officially published version Congrats to Anne That "being said my WORST fangirl nightmare just came true Personally I think the awness and " said my WORST fangirl nightmare just came true Personally I think the awness and of the original were compromised by attempts at making these young lovers beautifully natural dynamics PC Think the introduction of formalized BDSM concepts such as discussing consent and safe words and due to altered sentences here and there transforming Niles into that typical sub Add to that a dozen of good boy dirty boy and baby boy s where the heck those suddenly came from and what their purpose is IDK and you end up with your favorite book unexpectedly ocking a bunch of the clich elements that so many MM books out there are littered with already But yeah since I feel like I m parroting Jenna anyway I should probably just efer to her spot on eview For the future I sincerely hope that Anne will just trust that crazily ad and creative brain of hers and will shrug about what those on the sidelines deem appropriate Me I m just going to swallow the lump in my throat and cherish the original version Which is why my original ating is staying Review for the original versionOrbiting Jupiter and I we will just have to agree to disagreeShe stresses that she s eally eally not a writer And was mostly bewildered when she found out about the Goodreads popularity of her four completed stories It s Like This A Stage and A Bus Blood Oranges and Doorways and Windows It doesn t matter that she doesn t see herself as a writer though As long as she keeps doing it And that s uhm exactly what she DIDN T doYou ve been about the MM omance block You e maybe getting a bit fed up with the same ol same ol tropes that are well used in this genre Well you say by now I could do without the homophobic parent to stir things up when the plot s in danger of petering out Or another shameless tearjerker of a coming out And maybe stereotypical big bad alphas and vulnerable twinks get a bit much every now H a Rylan specific brand of confidence that almost makes people around us forget to look twice Like he knows as far as I can tell what the fk is going on That is the difference between us He knows I don’t A brave and funny love story about the anxieties insecurities and heartaches that drive people apart and bring them back together It’s Like This is the journey of Niles and Rylan as they learn to communicate in the shadow of a life changing illness Niles and Rylan have been together a long time They have great sex they are deeply intimate and Rylan never holds back on displaying his affection As far as their family and friends are concerned they’re an establ. ,
Review is of original free online versionnot eally a spoiler view spoiler I far prefer the original free version I ec you ead that one not the published edited version And then if you like it I ec you pay for the published edited version in appreciation and just never ead it hide spoiler This is a little gem of a coming of age burgeoning kinkster storyNiles is adorable a total idiot at communicating but ADORBS Usually that trait drives me nuts and I want to hammer it down but here it made sense went on a bit long but the entire genesis was believable I mean there are two parties in this stupid silence RylanRylan Rylan Geez dude I get you and you are awesome but estrains self from attempting to strangle fictional character not the best strategy There are some great secondary characters in this story and some very touching moments uite emotional without being overly manipulative Now Rylan and Niles freaking hot and a bit scary at times The two are likeShazam At first your going to be confused and maybe pissed but stay the course Trust me Some complain about the end but I think it is the perfect closure for one of the characters Favorite uoteI most definitely do NOT want it to go away or stop or change in any waywith the exception of me knowing what the fuck is going on NOTE 7252014 This eview is based on the original unpublished work I have not yet ead the REVISED and published version 45 Stars Cum sweat spit blood on the bedsheets And I don t care This power this intensity this enormity This is how I want to be wanted So here I am swooning all over Orbiting Jupiter again I feel an over the moon comment coming on but I ll try to control myself and spare you DIt s Like This introduces us to another adorable couple with power intimacy and heat Two guys that swept ight in and stole my heart Hell they somehow had my heart in the palm of their hands at page one Niles and Rylan have been together for three years Friends that turned into something hot something maybe See Niles and Rylan do not communicate They hang out touch laugh and talk of course but they stay clear of the big issues and uestions How they feel about each other What they are doing Where their elationship is going Any and all things that involve the big powerhouse emotions pretty much So what makes their heart thump and skip And could this be loveThis next comment sounds awful but I mean it in the best possible way In a few months I might not emember these characters by name Names often fade from my memory BUT I know I will never forget the emotions Ms Jupiter brought to the page The uncertainty and tension of not talking is explained displayed and felt in all it s frustrating glory here with Niles and Rylan I have stumbled across authors and stories that showcased the heartache of couples not communicating when things blow up and break down in a elationship But Jupiter writes about an entirely different kind of silence in this story One I ecognize in my own life My family lives and dies by the Ignore it It will go away or figure itself out motto BtwIt doesn t I have never seen this emotion unease confusion and hole in your heart so clearly expressed and dealt with in fiction with such young characters before Never It means a lot to me to have found it If you can t find the words if you don t know what uestions to even ask how do you TALK about your needs desires sex and lovePatience With lots and lots of patience control and love I want to explain I need to tell him But I don t know what I need to tell him I can t emember what s the truth If I m the one that loves him or he s the one that loves me and who s been keeping what a secret all this time I can t keep track of all the shit we don t tell each other Niles and Rylan are sweet beautiful and sexy together A elationship with such heart swelling intimacy and one hell of a HOT subdom layer The way Rylan and Niles moved and loved on the page was something special to see Ms Jupiter can capture the closeness of a couple like no one else They feeldeep sigh so close to my heart I hope you meet Orbiting Jupiter soon Her work holds a special spot in my heart for the energy and emotion in her words banter and characters She pushes and inspires me to keep searching for the words in my own heart to say and ask for what I need in life and loveHighly ecommendedThis is one of my favorite uotes Mouth to neck chest to back palm to hip and brilliantly words to skin Words to skin I love that Ah hellone view spoiler I emember the first day my mom eferred to Rylan as my boyfriend I was so startled that I think I almost passed out or something I mean I guess I just had always assumed that I had kept them kind of separate like I tried not to be gay in front of my parents HeheOh Niles You are so cute hide spoiler I m late to the party with It s Like This I ve never ead the unpolished online version so the polished edited copy was my first taste of this story gasp This book has been a top favorite of a lot of my most trusted eader friends FOREVER and so I think my expectations were a bit too high Was this book hot HELL YEAH Was it SUPER memorable and special Not eally I m afraid What I liked about this story was that it was focused on the characters and only the characters There wasn t any outlandish plot with lots of unnecessary drama The story centers suarely on Niles and Rylan and their evolving elationship I enjoy stories like that I also loved the sex scenes I mean holy F balls some of those scenes will stick with me that s for sure I like a toppy top one that is demanding yet sweet and Rylan totally delivers I loved the chemistry the heat between these two guys fans
SelfThe Guy Friends And 
guy friends and family were also pretty perfect I love a straight boy who has no problem with his best friends being gay and showing affection to each other But then come my issuesI have a big pet peeve with communication fails and this book was like one giant communication misstep However I was able to overlook most of that because I emember being shy and young and in love once What I couldn t overlook was what an insecure needy self involved character Niles was I feel like Rylan had to put in 90% of the effort and Niles just kind of turned introverted and broody all the time Something about him just irritated me a bit and I never. It’s like this Ian and Brice and Parker and Dylan get "Off The Bus They’ve Pretended This Whole Time – Just "the bus They’ve pretended this whole time – just they’ve pretended for the last three years – not to notice that Rylan has his arm draped casually over the blue plastic bar at the back of my seat They pretend not to know that the second we get off the bus scratch that he’s not even going to wait for that second; it happens before the bus has even come to a complete stop he’ll lower that arm over my shoulders or drop his hand forward to fk with my hair and knuckle my neck a little He’s like that likes touching me in public holding hands kissing and he does it in that easy way of his – wit. ,
Nd then Wow Then you eally want to take your telescope out and look up Jupiter in the starry night skySo imagine my luck when a friend pointed out It s Like This to me and it turned out to be one of those stories that simply struck a chord with me I m not exaggerating when I say that I adored everything about it and would eread it in a heartbeat drop me a note if you e in need of a buddy ead partner in crime The casual amusing writing style the fact that it s not only character driven ather than plot driven but that Jupiter s characters mostly teen boys are deliciously uirky and flawed instead of bland muscular heroes The wonderfully natural banter and turn of events that occasionally makes your heart swell or break but never ever leaves you with the impression that the author is playing one melodramatic card or anotheruite the opposite eally You will find these type of authors notes underneath the chapters Another chapter to the plot less storyI feel like I m just kind of writing episodes instead of a story but that s okay and The end I think Maybe Um Yeah So This chapter is why I procrastinated on this story for so very very long Have a weird feeling that people might hate me for it These cute as a button confessions feel strangely intimate when eading like you e part of the wobbly but fabulous ide Although it s probably easy for me to say so I wasn t torn between hope and fear when eading the WIP And who cares if her work might not be flawless when it comes to things as typos I probably don t even notice half of them the advantages of not being a native speaker the pacing of the plot and these brief easily ignored blurbs that absolutely don t do her books justice Once again I m flabbergasted by how fantastic freefic can be How much better and original than a lot of the published stuff that s out thereBut then Jupiter disappeared Vanished Her last story was published in 2009 and after that no one heard from her again Before long I echoed the uestions others had asked before me Would she still be orbiting Jupiter Moved on to a new authors name Turned her back on writing altogether the horror I even sent her a desperate email andpromptly got a eply She d been slacking She d been busy with eal life She was just getting back the vibe again and was planning on writing another chapter for Better Now Now if only she could emember her password for Adult Fan FictionFISTBUMPYup So in a nutshell Orbiting Jupiter writes adorable hot and entertaining awesomesauce in book form that also happens to be FREE and she s esurfaced Check back this month for an INTERVIEW with Orbiting Jupiter in which we discuss her disappearance upcoming projects and why How It Is Now only consists of one tiny winy chapter heh In the meantime you do your homework yeah ETA This eview is of the original online fic posted by orbiting jupiter Anne s pseudonym not the published version Loved this This author s blurbs make me pass over her books for long periods and then I get around to eading them and they e a evelation I loved this for several easons A few of them The natural organic Domsub scene I hate the dungeon and the clinical interactions and the contract and all that organised artifice that just drains all chemistry and emotion and passion from the sex and the people and the elationship But those are my predilections talking Others may have personal preferences for the programmed scene Just not me And not this book The Ds here is completely instinctive natural and eal Yes This primarily is very character driven Since I always prefer character over plot this works wonderfully for me The moment of ealisation of I like what I like forget the friends namely interfering Shona who don t understand I get concern but I hate friends being part of a couple hoisting their personal issues and their externalised views unto those in the elationship I ealise that treads a fine line but I m not talking about abusive situations here I m eferencing non kink friendly people and others as such The sex Rylan s understanding explanations patience care and loving dominance Rylan s speech at the end Oh This alone is worth an extra star Beware though there is a crazy amount of typosbut I was able to overlook this for several easons This one is going to stick with me I kind of already want to ead it again It pushed my buttons and challenged my ulesThe failure to communicate trope generally makes my brain boil I cannot stand it when major angst is created from misunderstandings that should have been easily esolved in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee It feels like manipulative and lazy writing just the easiest way to create tensionThat s not what this was Yes there was trouble stemming from lack of communication but there was a specific flawed character eason for it It wasn t just pride getting in the way or a convenient plot tactic Niles had eal self doubt and anxiety that prevented him from directly and verbally tackling his issues It was due to age and emotional maturity but that didn t make it not eal Since the elationship began when they were 16 it came with the understandable insecurities that would esult from beginning your first RELATIONSHIP GAY KINK AT THAT TIME gay kink at that time completely bought the struggle and was totally ooting for them to find their way through itI wouldn t want to ead this flavor of angst every day but in light of the mature MM I usually ead this struck a different chord in a good way The author executed it exceptionally wellThe kink eally landed for me too It didn t feel like your standard Ds thing but I m not sure if I can explain exactly why not It s just who they were to each other what they needed from each other labels were unnecessary and thoroughly beside the point I loved the whole dynamic of their elationship the chemistry the history the trust all of it The characters came alive and I was fully invested in themHighly ecommend THIS IS REVIEW OF THE FREE VERSION NOT THE PUBLISHEDPOLISHED ONE Wow what a treatAt first I m eally uncomfortable with the nature Niles and Rylan s elationship I feel like Shona Niles s best friend worry that the elationship is abusive and Niles doesn t have the ight state of mind when it comes to Rylan to say no or stop Especially after the scene of view "spoilererotic asphyxiation. Ished couple and yet after three years of being “together” Niles is still unsure if "asphyxiation. Ished couple and yet after three years of being “together” Niles is still unsure if actually in a elationship As their sexual intensity eaches a dangerous tipping point Niles must find the courage to articulate how he feels in order to try and keep the only thing he has ever wanted Emotional and compelling It’s Like This is a must ead for true omantics Note Please be aware that this is not about a safe sane sober and fully consensual BDSM elationship although it is not non consensual It is instead about two people who want what they want but don't know how to express exactly what that is and the emotional epercussions of their miscommunication.

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