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Clean Tech Clean Profits

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SIdeas for hastening the switch to a low carbon world are bound to take a number of forms they could come from new breakthroughs or
A Reconfiguration Of Existing 
reconfiguration of existing they may stem from a flash of insight or a response to pressure from regulators and consumers; they might even come about as a result of changes to engineering designs or a new software program What is certain is that estions will be asked in all spheres of economic activity from manufacturing and service provision to education and bankingThis book is designed as a practical guide for entrepreneurs innovators directors and investors on how TO BRING CLEAN TECHNOLOGIES TO MARKET IN THE MOST clean technologies to market the most and profitable manner Drawing on a wide range of ex. The sueeze on carbon is beginning in earnest By 2020 we will have made a start in running our homes workplaces and vehicles in smarter ways; by 2050 we should have reconfigured how we generate power conserve water and manage wasteHowever talk of dramatic cuts in carbon emissions remains an ambitious goal particularly when taking newer economic powers such as China and India into account To have any chance of achieving such goals the market for clean technology has to start working efficiently The gap between current thinking and future potential remains enormous if that gap is to be bridged THERE MUST BE A MAJOR SERIES must be a major series INNOVATIONS A MASSIVE RE ALLOCATION innovations a massive re allocation capital and ltimately the creation of whole new industrie. Pertise and experience in strategy technology brands intellectual property design finance and management Clean Tech Clean Profits is divided into a number of key sections including size of the challenge; making a return; how the market works; clean energy; transport; land water se; carbon removal; clean commercializationDesigned as a practical guide to the effective management of clean technology and the commercial opportunities within this burgeoning sector this book is for leaders of organizations who want to move ahead of their competitors and offer new sources of value to their customer move ahead of their competitors and offer new sources of value to their customer will show how companies can best position themselves for the massive Boom In Clean Technology That Is Waiting To Happe. in clean technology that is waiting to happe.